I Cooked Kraft Dinner With The TikTok Hack & Holy Sh*t It's So Cheesy And Good (PHOTOS)

Why haven't we been doing it this way all along?! 😵

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Kraft Dinner being cooked. Right: Kraft Dinner being served.

Kraft Dinner being cooked. Right: Kraft Dinner being served.

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When I found out there was a TikTok hack to level up Kraft Dinner, I knew it was something I needed to try out.

It's been a minute since I've had the popular Canadian staple (actually, it's probably been about 10 years), so after reminding myself how one is supposed to actually cook the dish, I carefully watched the viral video demonstrating the bossed-up version of the recipe.

I already had butter, cheese and black pepper, so I only needed to pick up cream and, of course, Kraft Dinner from the grocery store.

In the TikTok, Nikki Gillespie demonstrates the method using two boxes of mac and cheese, so I followed suit.

After dumping two boxes of noodles into a pan, I added enough water to cover the pasta by about a quarter of an inch. I then put in the cheese powder and two pats of butter before bringing everything to a roiling boil.

The theory here is that the noodles get to cook in the cheese and absorb more flavour than they would get from just being coated in it after cooking in plain water.

After the water came to a roiling boil, I lowered it to a simmer and left it uncovered for most of the water to evaporate.

Mac and cheese in a pot with butter.Mac and cheese in a pot with butter.Sarah Rohoman | Narcity

Once the noodles were cooked, I moved on to the next step, which is adding cream, cheese and black pepper. I was supposed to wait for the cream to incorporate before adding the cheese, but I was impatient and hungry (a forever mood), so I threw it all in at once.

After letting everything get friendly and melty over low heat, I was ready for the main event.

Mac and cheese being cooked. Mac and cheese being cooked. Sarah Rohoman | Narcity

The first bite hit me straight in the nostalgia, but in a super elevated way. It's richer, gooier, creamier, cheesier and tastier than the KD I remember from my undergrad years.

Adding the cream helped to offset the somewhat alarmingly orange hue the dish can have and really helped everything come together.

Depending on what kind of consistency you're going for, you can keep adding cream if you prefer it on the soupier side.

I personally like things a lil spicy so I added some Franks on top of my meal after trying a few bites. The vinegary acid from the hot sauce really complements and cuts the richness of the dish in a good way.

Mac and cheese in a bowl. Mac and cheese in a bowl. Sarah Rohoman | Narcity

I will say that two boxes of mac and cheese were probably a mistake given that I am just one person. I'm likely going to be eating the leftovers for a few days, and quite frankly, the cooled-down version does not look super appetizing.

So, would I recommend TikTok's KD upgrade? Absolutely!

Sarah Rohoman
Senior Staff Writer
Sarah Rohoman is a Senior Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Trending Desk focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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