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kraft dinner

Good morning — Renée from Narcity here filling in for Andrew today. ☕

Off The Top: A New Yorker is going viral for this story about her food order being eaten by her delivery driver. The customer is being praised for her patience in the situation, but taco-bout a delay. 🌮

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Canadians are world-famous for their love of Kraft Dinner.

And a new study has broken down exactly how much each province across the country is loving that classic boxed mac and cheese.

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If you've spent any period of time in this country, you've likely tried a few staple Canadian snacks like poutine, ketchup chips and so much more — but if you're a newcomer to Canada, some of these treats may be confusing, delightful or just plain bad.

The TikTok account @makhnachov, whose profile says he's a "new Canadian" from Ukraine, has recently been posting about trying new experiences in the country and it seems he's particularly into our unique culinary delights.

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If you've ever taken a scroll through #foodtok, you might have come across some of the interesting and creative ways Canadian TikTokers are levelling up their Kraft Dinner.

Just to refresh your memory, the way KD suggests you cook your meal is by boiling the pasta in water until it's tender, draining, and returning to your pot.

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Calgary Stampede is pretty known for bringing some weird snacks to the city every year and 2022 is no different. From pop rocks popcorn chicken to bad breath lemonade, the midway has it all.

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