A Canadian TikToker Is Sharing Things That She Finds Weird About Canada After Living Abroad

She calls is "reverse culture shock!"

A TikToker posing in a flower crown. Right: Shelves of produce.

A TikToker posing in a flower crown. Right: Shelves of produce.

While there are plenty of things that newcomers find strange when they move to this country, there's a Canadian TikTok user who has shared the things that she finds weird about Canada after being away for a while.

The TikTok user @madelineraeaway is a self-described Canadian in Sweden who documents her life abroad but also recently made some posts about things she found strange when she came back to Canada to visit.

From terrifyingly large squirrels to way too much olive oil selection, here's a look at some of the things she finds puzzling.

"A few things I find weird about Canada after living in Sweden for three years," she said to start off one of her videos.

She pointed out how welcoming Canucks are and always willing to chitchat.

"Now we all know Canadians are stereotypically friendly, but I forgot that if you go for a walk people will say hi to you," she said. "So you're walking down the street and people are like 'hi, good morning, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year,' and you have to respond to them and make small talk."

She also noted how large the wildlife is.

"The squirrels in my hometown are HUGE," said the text on the video. "They are almost the size of a cat."

As well, she said that the amount of consumer choice is overwhelming.

"I was at the grocery the other day and they had like 25 brands of olive oil. Like how do you make a choice?" she wondered.


Not going to lie I’ve been loving living in yoga pants and it being acceptable 🥰 #canadianinsweden #reversecultureshock #canadianthings

She also devoted an entire video to just how great Canadian pharmacies can be.

"Soooo it’s basically just a one-stop-shop," she captioned her video.

"I totally forgot that you can get way more than just medicine at Canadian pharmacies," she said.

It seems like in Sweden you can't pick up groceries, toys, animal food, baby items, hair care products, cleaning products, candy and fresh produce while grabbing your prescriptions!

Who knew our pharmacies were so cool in comparison to their international counterparts?


Soooo it’s basically just a one-stop-shop 😅 #reversecultureshock #canadianinsweden #canadianthings

International visitors have also expressed their confusion at some Canadian behaviours and phrases.

An Italian TikToker revealed that she's confused by the water level in our toilets, and a New Zealander TikToker doesn't think we're very sneaky when we try and "sneak past" someone in stores.

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