An Australian TikToker Has Revealed The 3 Canadian Foods You Need To Eat 'Before You Die'

It's always fun to find out what things are surprising to newcomers in Canada, and this rundown from an Australian on our cuisine is pretty spot on.

Jorden Tually (@jordentually on TikTok) posted a video on three Canadian foods he says you "need to try before you die."

"Don't die, but if you do, eat these first," he said.


🇨🇦 I love ketchup chips! Any Canadians here? 👀 #canada #food #travel #tiktoktravel #foodporn #fyp #toronto #ontario #usa #uk #australia

He started off by professing his love for our beloved Tim Hortons.

"If you want the best doughnut in the world, go to Tim Hortons because their apple fritters are one of the best things I've ever eaten," he said while taking a big bite.

Next up on his list of Canuck cuisine is this yummy snack food which people tend to find surprising.

"Canada is the only country with ketchup flavoured potato chips. Why doesn't the rest of the world have this flavour?" he mused. "It's so good!"

And of course, it wouldn't be a proper rundown without Canada's national dish getting a special mention.

"If you haven't tried poutine, you're really missing out," he said. "It's really unhealthy for you but that just makes it really, really yummy. "

Other TikTokers have posted about their love of Canadian food, like Sean McCann's (@seanmccann94 on TikTok) series of videos on things that confused him when he moved here.


I do love a good BeaverTails tho 🤫 🦫 #foryou #fypシ #Canada #TimHortons #BeaverTails #racoon #ShowMeCanada

He also was into ketchup chips and poutine and also went on to mention how good Beaver Tails are.

He was slightly confused by Ceasers though, which is fair enough when you think about it. Alcohol, tomato and clam juice, yum!

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