A TikToker In Rural Yukon Is Sharing How She Gets Groceries & Honestly It Looks Exhausting

When you think about popping out to get groceries, you probably think of a relatively short walk or drive — not a 10-hour round trip.

Sinead Meader (@sineadmeader on TikTok) lives in a remote part of Yukon and shared what it takes for her to pick up food and other basics.

It includes an over 1,000-kilometre trek, hundreds of dollars, and a possible hotel room for the night in Whitehorse.

The trip


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Meader documented one of her trips into town saying that she usually goes every six to eight weeks. With the amount of time and effort it takes her, that totally makes sense!

She lives 544 kilometres from the nearest city, which takes five hours to get to, and along the way, there is no cell service.

Although she notes that the drives can be tiring, they're also beautiful, and her videos of the mountains definitely prove it.

The cost


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As a follow-up, Meader posted an "isolated living grocery haul" where she explains her strategic buying and says that their bills regularly exceed $1,000.

The actual food bill isn't the only expensive part of the trip — she notes that the cost of gas, the price for a hotel room for the night, and the meals they need to buy while in town also add up.

The dangerous conditions


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Meader explained why it's sometimes important for her safety to stay in Whitehorse for the night.

Driving in a blizzard is no fun and it's particularly dangerous when there's no cell service to call for help if anything happens. She notes that "visibility is limited even in clear conditions."

Better to be safe!

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