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This TikTok Hack Proves You've Probably Been Pumping Gas Wrong In Winter Your Whole Life

You'll definitely want to try this next time you fill up. 🥶👇

This TikTok Hack Proves You've Probably Been Pumping Gas Wrong In Winter Your Whole Life

If you hate having cold fingers while you pump gas, this TikTok hack might be a game changer for you.

TikTok user @jamieleebra shared this simple thing you can do that will allow you to put your hands back in your pockets while you pump, and it's low-key genius.


pumping gas in the winter is the worst #canada_life🇨🇦 #canadiancheck #canadian #carsoftiktok #cartiktok #carhack #driving #fyp #coldweather

"Apparently a lot of Canadians don't know this," reads the text on the video.

She then pushes down a latch near the top of the pump, which holds it in place without her needing to continuously squeeze the handle. This allows her to be hands-free, all while filling up!

"Stay warm pumping gas in the winter," she ended the video by saying. The caption of her post reads, "Pumping gas in the winter is the worst," and if you've ever had frozen fingers while filling your tank, you'd probably agree.

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