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An Irish TikToker Is Sharing What Confused Him Most When He Moved To Canada & It's Hilarious

Caesars are pretty wild when you think about it. 😅

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An Irish TikToker Is Sharing What Confused Him Most When He Moved To Canada & It's Hilarious

It seems like bagged milk always confuses newcomers to Canada and this Irish TikToker has experienced that particular puzzling moment — and many more — during his time in the True North.

Sean McCann (seanmccann94 on TikTok) has posted a number of videos about the perplexing things he's encountered since moving across the world.

While most of these will be familiar to those of us who grew up in Canada, they've apparently thrown him for quite a loop.

Part 1


🤯 #Foryou #fypシ #baggedmilk #canada #irishincanada #expat

Dimmer switches and leaving shoes at the door were in his first TikTok about things that confused him most about Canada, as well as bagged milk, which always seems to blow the minds of newcomers.

Part 2


[PART 2] I bought the nuggets of course 😉 #foryou #fypシ #ketchupchips #Canada #Nuggets #IrishInCanada #expat

"Boob" lights, expensive chicken nuggets from McDonald's and ketchup chips were also listed as things he didn't quite understand.

He was also bamboozled by the way we say "aluminum!"

Part 3


I do love a good BeaverTails tho 🤫 🦫 #foryou #fypシ #Canada #TimHortons #BeaverTails #racoon #ShowMeCanada

In the third installment of his mini TikTok series, McCann says he was perplexed by the fact that there's a Tim Hortons around every corner in Canada, that we drive over three hours easily with no problems, and that, in some places, we lock our garbage bins to keep out trash pandas.

He also mentioned the delicacy that is BeaverTails — yum!

Part 4


Part 4 🇨🇦 - That poutine tho 🔥 #fypシ #foryou #canada #irishincanada #poutine #expat #Ontario #Southpark

The fact that there's a Queen Street in a lot of Canadian cities baffled him, which is actually fair enough.

He was also flabbergasted by the terms "loonie" and "toonie," and how poutine can be so damn good.

Part 5


Part 5 to celebrate my Permanent Residency 🎉 🇨🇦 #fypシ #foryou #canadagoose #Caesar #irishincanada #Canada

And in part five, to celebrate his permanent residency, he posted about the unique confusion that is a Caesar, which is a delicious mix of alcohol, tomato, and clam juice.

He was also surprised that Toys "R" Us exists in Canada, that geese are evil, and that domestic flights are super expensive. We feel ya, Sean!

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