I Went To The UK Version Of Winners & HomeSense & Here's A Look Inside (PHOTOS)

It's got a totally different name, for a start! 😮🇬🇧

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I Went To The UK Version Of Winners & HomeSense & Here’s A Look Inside (PHOTOS)

If you've ever wondered what Winners and HomeSense look like in other countries apart from Canada, wonder no more!

I went to the U.K. version for a snoop around, and there are some major similarities, as well as a couple of considerable differences.

One of the first and most obvious differences is that the British counterpart has a completely different name.

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This same company owns the U.K. version too, but due to another discount store with a similar name there, the store was renamed from TJ Maxx to TK Maxx.

So when you're hunting for your favourite discount designer retailer in Britain, you'll want to search for TK Maxx and HomeSense, rather than Winners or Marshalls.

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Once you're inside, it's pretty clear that they're the same store.

The shop branding is very similar (although the U.K. HomeSense branding is green), and the way each location is laid out is very familiar.

That said, while Winners and HomeSense are often separate stores in Canada, in Britain they're almost always located in the same building, with the home products usually on a separate floor from the clothing and beauty items.

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There are discounted designer bags in one section, cheap beauty products in another, and men's and women's fashion in separate sections of the store.

At this time of year, there are also gifts, seasonal products and holiday decorations, too.

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Like the Canadian alternatives, there are hefty discounts on designer products from brands like Calvin Klein, Adidas, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and loads more.

The price tags usually show the original price of the item, in addition to the TK Maxx store price.

If you're feeling lucky, you should also look out for red stickers on price tags, as this means a product has been discounted even further and could be as much as 70% off or perhaps even more.

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Like in Canada, no two stores have the same stock, which means you can have a totally different shopping experience depending on the location you visit.

In Canada, there are 293 Winners and 147 HomeSense stores across the country, while in the U.K. there are 352 TK Maxx stores and 76 HomeSense locations, according to ScrapeHero.

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There are different brands on offer in the British stores, including many British companies and designers that are not available in Canada. Likewise, though, some Canadian and American brands are not found in stores over there.

If you don't find what you're looking for, TK Maxx offers online shopping with shipping across the country, while Winners in Canada does not have this option.

Helena Hanson | Narcity

Despite the few differences, all of these locations are heaven for bargain hunters, and there are huge discounts on offer if you're willing to dig around.

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