This TikTok Video Shows How You Can Make Cineplex-Style Popcorn At Home & It's So Damn Easy

A former employee is sharing the secrets!🍿

This TikTok Video Shows How You Can Make Cineplex-Style Popcorn At Home & It's So Damn Easy

If you love picking up popcorn when you go to the movies, you'll definitely want to check out this TikTok tutorial on how to get Cineplex-inspired flavours from the comfort of your home.

Kiyana McCain (@kiyanamccain on TikTok) is a former theatre employee and she has laid out the simple steps to making your very own theatre-worthy popcorn.


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In the clip, McCain explains that you only need three things, before demonstrating the process.

First up, you'll need a pot and a generous amount of oil. "The more oil that you put, the better that it is," she says. "Ask anyone who ever worked in a movie theatre and they will tell you."

To make enough popcorn for you and a friend to enjoy, McCain recommends using one-third of a cup of kernels. She adds this to the hot oil and throws in some butter salt, which is what makes it "taste amazing."

She warns, though, that you don't want to add too much of it, or your popcorn will become "really salty and really disgusting."

The TikToker then gives it a good shake and finishes by showing off her delicious, cinema-inspired snack. Sure beats spending big bucks at the theatre!

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