This TikTok Shows The Most Canadian Conundrum Of All Time & It's Painfully Relatable (VIDEO)

Canadians have a reputation for being generally polite human beings, and this TikTok shows a predicament that you may have found yourself in once or twice.

TikTok user @saltyfeed posted about the Canadian conundrum of trying to let someone go before you do and it's so damn relatable.


Are we too polite?...😅🇨🇦 #fypfunnyvids #onlycanadiansunderstand #canadiansarenice #thingscanadiansdo #likeifyourecanadian #canadiantiktok🇨🇦 #Wee

In the video, a driver pulls up to a stop sign at the same time a pedestrian arrives at the crosswalk. The driver signals for the pedestrian to cross while the pedestrian signals for the driver to cross.

After making the "go ahead" hand gesture at each other a few times, the driver rolls down his window and verbally says "go ahead."

"I'm in no rush, go," the pedestrian responds while they continue their polite standoff.

Neither appears to want to go before the other and after a full 28 seconds, no one actually crosses the road or drives through the intersection.

Along with poking fun at quintessentially Canadian behaviour, TikTok is also full of posts on things that foreigners either love about Canada or are super confused by.

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And Irish TikToker Sean McCann (@seanmccann94 on TikTok) posted a series of videos about things that confused him when he moved here, like bagged milk, how expensive domestic flights are, and the way Canadians pronounce the word "aluminum."

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