This TikTok Showing How To Make A 'Canadian Delicacy' Is Absolute Chaos (VIDEO)

You'll need your kitchen skate! ⛸️

Leroy using a hockey stick to scoop peanut butter. Right: Leroy using a skate to cut his sandwich.

Leroy using a hockey stick to scoop peanut butter. Right: Leroy using a skate to cut his sandwich.

From Tim Hortons to poutine, it's safe to say that there are certain foods that are a staple of Canadian culture, but you've probably never seen a sandwich made in the most Canuck way possible.

The TikTok account @leroyandleroy, which features one Leroy in front of the camera and another Leroy behind the scenes, hilariously put together a "Canadian delicacy" and shows how you too can achieve such lofty culinary goals.

"Start with your kitchen stick and some peanut butter, OK?" Leroy says as he uses his hockey stick specifically assigned for culinary events to spread the condiment on his bread.

"Get that on the bread and now everyone's thinking, 'oh, here it comes, peanut butter and jelly' but nope, not in Canada," Leroy shares.

Instead, he opts for peanut butter and maple syrup.

"This is absolutely delicious," Leroy says of his gastronomic creation. "One of the best things you're ever going to eat."

He then grabs a hockey skate that is once again used for cooking purposes.

"Chop it with your kitchen skate and you've got a delicious lunch," Leroy says to finish up his video.


Here’s a throwback to before we had our tagline figured out! 😂 #Canadian #MapleSyrup #Hockey #Stick #Skate #Cooking

If you're a little worried about how one sanitizes a kitchen stick, Leroy has it covered.

"One question we get all the time — people ask 'how do you disinfect your kitchen stick after your cooking with it?" Leroy shared.

"Real simple in Canada," he says before tossing his kitchen stick outside. "Five minutes. -30. Good to go."


Reply to @maeghanvictoria It’s easier to clean your kitchen stick on the winter months! 😂😂

Makes perfect sense, really!

They haven't provided any info on how to clean one's kitchen skate, but perhaps the cold weather also does the trick.

Sarah Rohoman
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