I Ordered A 'Wayne Gretzky' Coffee From Tim Hortons & It Tastes Like Regret (PHOTO)

When I discovered that multiple people on TikTok had ordered the "Wayne Gretzky" coffee at Tim Hortons, I knew it was something I needed to try ASAP.

The coffee in question gets its name from the fact that you order it with nine creams and nine sugars, which is a reference to The Great One's jersey number of 99.


Asking Tim Hortons for a gretzky 9x9 coffee 😂😂 #areyouokay #foryou

I got in my car, pulled up to the drive-thru at my local Timmies and asked for a Wayne Gretzky coffee. The employee was confused, so I clarified and said, "Can I get a medium coffee with nine creams and nine sugars?"

She then said, "OK, one medium coffee with nine creams... wait. Yuck. Are you sure?"

After assuring her I was totally serious, we encountered our first problem. Apparently, on the Tim's point of sales terminal, you can only key in up to six creams per beverage.

The employee decided she'd make the coffee herself, so that I could get exactly what I wanted, but yet another problem came our way.

"No room for coffee!" she said, which we danced around by upgrading my drink to a large.

I pulled up to the window to pay, where a very indifferent teenager said to me "Here's your nine by nine."

The first thing that I noticed was that my cup was barely warm, which makes sense given the amount of cold dairy that had been poured into it.

When I got home and opened the coffee, it was basically white. Given that I usually drink it black with no sugar, I braced myself for what I was about to do.

I was surprisingly not as horrified by the Wayne Gretzky as I thought I'd be. Honestly, it kind of tasted like a latte? Albeit a very sweet one.

What surprised me the most is that after my first sip I went back for two more. I didn't like it per se, but I couldn't seem to stop myself!

I decided enough was enough and made myself stop drinking it, if only for the sake of my digestive health. I hate food waste, so I put the rest of the drink away in my fridge and have been pouring a little bit of it into the normal coffee I brew myself every day.

So, would I recommend TikTok's Wayne Gretzky? Absolutely not!

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