TikTokers Keep Ordering A 'Wayne Gretzky' At Tim Hortons & Apparently It's 'Gross' (VIDEOS)

Nine sugars, anyone? Canadians on TikTok keep ordering a "Wayne Gretzky" at Tim Hortons and the off-menu item actually looks pretty gross!

While we're all guilty of occasionally having too many sugars and creams in our coffee, this unconventional order takes sweet and creamy to a whole new level.

According to some TikTokers, a Wayne Gretzky style coffee — or a "Gretter" — comes with nine sugars and nine creams, honouring the former NHL superstar who used to play with a number 99 jersey.

It's not officially on the menu, although Timmies employees appear to know exactly what the order is in many of the videos online.


Asking Tim Hortons for a gretzky 9x9 coffee 😂😂 #areyouokay #foryou

Videos of Canadian TikTokers ordering the sugary beverage have been circulating since as early as 2019, with one particular video going viral.

In the clip, which has been viewed over 789,000 times, a customer can be seen approaching the drive-thru and asking for a "medium Gretzky coffee."

A whole bunch of Tim Hortons employees then gather at the drive-thru window, before asking, "Are you ok?!", "Do you like coffee?!" and "Disclaimer: You might die!"


Reply to @that_oliers_fan.97 @timhortons #waynegretzky #coffee #timhortons #timhortonssecretmenu #timmies #timmiesboy #CoversForLovers #fyp #foryou

In another clip, a customer orders the drink following a recommendation from a staff member. He tries the beverage, which he says has "really like one drop of coffee."

Upon tasting it, he adds, "that's gross," and rates it as a two out of ten.


If you’re Canadian and live next to Tim Hortons it is your duty to order a 9x9 #foryoupage #Gretzky#timmys #canadian

Earlier this year, a Timmies employee told Narcity that they do recognize the code name when somebody uses it to order a 9x9 coffee, but said that people should avoid ordering it as it's just so unhealthy.

"Nine creams, nine sugars is totally outrageous," they said. "Nobody needs that diabetic coma."


Reply to @khaoschicken451 you got it to 10k likes so here is Wayne Gretzky #timhortons #canadian #canadians #canada #secretmenu

Timmies employees have previously shared all of the ways Canadians are using the drive-thru wrong, and while ordering a Gretzky isn't one of them, it's surprising how many things we're actually totally messing up. Oops!

Narcity reached out to Tim Hortons about the unique off-menu item. This article will be updated if and when a response is received.

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