A Tim Hortons Employee Revealed The Top Things You Should Stop Doing When Ordering

You probably shouldn't hold up the drive-thru by ordering $60 worth of items!

A Tim Hortons Employee Revealed The Top Things You Should Stop Doing When Ordering
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Prepare for some Tim Hortons tips! Narcity spoke to an employee from the iconic coffee chain and found out what Canadians should and shouldn't be doing at Timmies.

Kait Beck, a team member who's been sharing unique menu hacks on TikTok, is revealing the top do's and don'ts of ordering.

Take notes, Canada!

DON'T order $60 worth of items in the drive-thru

Something you shouldn't do is go to the drive-thru and order $60 worth of stuff. Beck said that when people do that, the cars behind have to wait for a much longer time.

"We're trying our best in there, but if that's what the customer has ordered then we have to try and get it as fast as we can out there," she explained.

DON'T get the "Wayne Gretzky"

If you've never heard of the "Wayne Gretzky," it's a coffee with nine creams and nine sugars. Beck mentioned that it's one of the oddest things people ask for, but it's something they probably shouldn't order.

"Nine creams, nine sugars is totally outrageous," she said. "Nobody needs that diabetic coma."

DO have your rewards card ready

A way to help the line move faster when you're at the drive-thru, or even at the counter, is having your Tims Rewards card ready.

"That way when we get to the window we don't have to sit and wait for you to try and find it in your wallet, wait for it to load, because during that whole time [...] your order's sitting there ready to go," she said.

You also save the people in line behind you from having to wait!

DO order food before drinks

One of the most important things you should do at Tim Hortons is to order your food before your drinks.

Beck noted that as soon as you tell them you want a medium Double Double, they've got the medium cup out and have started making the drink while you're still talking. When you add food, like a bagel, to your order after the coffee, the drink will be done but your bagel will still be getting toasted.

"So, if you ordered your bagel first, your bagel's already toasted before your coffee's even ready and then before you even pull up to the window, it's done!" she said.

Now you know, eh?

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