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Do you love to start your day with a double-double and a breakfast sandwich? Then you'll want to try these hacks to make your Tim Hortons order taste so much better.

Did you know you can request one item added to your white hot chocolate, and it will taste like a slice of homemade apple pie? Or you can swap one flavour syrup for another and slurp a cotton candy slushie.

Here are all the mouthwatering suggestions you'll definitely want to try.

Farmer's Wrap With Herb & Garlic Cream Cheese

Why You Need To Try It: You can add an extra burst of flavour to the popular breakfast wrap by requesting it with herb and garlic cream cheese inside.

White Hot Chocolate With Caramel

Why You Need To Try It: Adding two pumps of caramel sauce to your white hot chocolate makes it taste like drinking your favourite candy bar.

Grilled Cheese With Bacon & Hashbrowns

Why You Need To Try It: For a heartier version of the gooey bacon grilled cheese melt, request a hashbrown inside. Once you try the cheese-covered potatoes surrounded by bacon, it will become your lunchtime favourite.

Cotton Candy Slushie

Why You Need To Try It: For all of you with a sweet tooth, you can get a drink that tastes like cotton candy. To try it for yourself, order a frozen raspberry lemonade but instead of the lemon shot, ask for vanilla.

Double Double With French Vanilla

Why You Need To Try It: Instead of picking between your two favourite drinks, you can get half French vanilla in your coffee order.

Garlic Toasted Cheese Croissant

Why You Need To Try It: For a flavour-packed twist on the regular cheese croissant, add herb and garlic cream cheese, and get it toasted so it will be delightfully warm.

Apple Pie Hot Chocolate

Why You Need To Try It: You can get a cozy drink that tastes like a slice of apple pie by ordering a white hot chocolate with an apple cinnamon tea bag.

Chocolate Iced Coffee

Why You Need To Try It: You can get your ice coffee made with chocolate milk for a chilled mocha that chocoholics will enjoy.

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