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An American Visited Tim Hortons For The First Time & Shots Have Been Fired (VIDEO)

"Last week I went to Canada..."

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Jonathan Tillson roasting Tim Hortons. Right: Tim Hortons donuts.

Jonathan Tillson roasting Tim Hortons. Right: Tim Hortons donuts.

For many Canadians, Tim Hortons is a delightful part of life with which we grew up – but that doesn't mean everyone is a fan of the iconic fast food chain.

American stand-up comic and writer Jonathan Tillson recently travelled north of the border and shared some seriously spicy takes about our beloved Timmies.

"Last week I went to Canada so I had to go to Tim Hortons because all the Canadians told me I got to try Tim Hortons," he said on Twitter.

"So I did and I have to say, it's really just Dunkin' Donuts."

While Tillson notes that it's cuter and friendlier than the American donut chain, he says it's "really just the same manufactured product."

"It's Dunkin' Donuts if all the customers had health care," he continued. "It's the same demo as Dunkin' — people who like cream and sugar more than they like the taste of coffee."

He also noted that there were a "good number of construction workers" and some cute decorations.

"They put the little hockey lines on the table so it was like a little ice rink. They put a maple leaf on all the cups. But in the end, it's still just fast food masquerading as a coffee shop," Tillson explained.

That being said, he says that Tims "hasn't quite lost its soul yet" as Dunkin' has.

"People act like all Canadians like Tim Hortons, kind of like people think all people from Massachusetts like Dunkin' Donuts but it's really only a certain group," he said before listing them out.

"It's plow drivers. It's women who get into fistfights. It's people who cry at the end of Top Gun."

He finished his review with some words of wisdom for his favourite chain: "Go to Starbucks."

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