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These TikToks Show People Trying Tim Hortons For The First Time & There Are Some Spicy Takes

"Kind of tastes like nothing though."

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​@saidaxnor trying a Tim Hortons drink. Right: Timbiebs.

@saidaxnor trying a Tim Hortons drink. Right: Timbiebs.

Tim Hortons is undoubtedly an important part of Canadian culture and identity, but for those trying the chain for the first time, there can sometimes be mixed reactions.

Over on TikTok, newcomers to the country or those just visiting have documented their experiences with the fast food retailer, and from disgust to awe, the takes are pretty entertaining.

American TikToker @saidaxnor recently documented her trip where she braved the rain in Toronto to pick up some goodies.

"First and foremost, this is hella bomb," she said of the pumpkin spiced iced capp. "It tastes like a pumpkin frappuccino."

As for her assorted pack of Timbits, she didn't have quite as favourable a reaction.

"It's a little more dense than I thought it was going to be," she admitted. "It's pretty good. Kind of tastes like nothing though."



The account @searchforsunshine detailed their disappointing experience at the chain.

Overall, she was not a fan of their decaf coffee to the extent that she threw it out. As for the Timbits, they also weren't up to par.

"The chocolate Timbit was good but the rest were definitely not worth the hype which made me sad because I was excited," she shared.


what do you all think about tim hortons? was i just unlucky with my experience?? 😂 #emetophobia #recovery #foryou #fyp #JustJack

As for @zivathediva, who is new to Canada from the U.S., she decided to pick up an iced capp and two doughnuts.

While she found the drink initially to be too sweet, she did later admit it was the sugary rush she needed to give her a boost.

"I tried to two donuts. Um, they were okay. Not my favorite, sorry to say it, but they were fairly good. I mean, doughnuts are doughnuts."

Fair enough!


My first time trying @Tim Hortons #timhortons just the sweet pick me up I needed after a long day 🍩 ☕️ #canada#montreal#montrealcanada#quebec#vlog

And @ovonugz94 had some less than favourable things to say about Biebs brew.

"I like a good cold brew, but let's see if Tim Hortons really did something. I mean, the Timbits were all right, you know what I'm saying, but let's see what the cold brew is like."

After taking a sip, she made a face.

"I can taste the cold brew. I can taste the French vanilla. It's not as sweet, which is good, but I wish there was more cold brew that the French vanilla, can't lie."

"Yeah it's alright. It's not bad," she concluded. "I'ma give this a 6.5, 7. It's not that crazy."


Maybe I’ll try a second one later but as of right now 6.5/10 #bieberbrew #justinbieber #timhortons #coffeetiktok

And for @makhnachov, who is new to Canada from Ukraine, he said it was hard to choose what to buy but ended up with an iced capp, a lemonade, a bagel, and, of course, Timbiebs.

While the iced capp got a 10/10, the bagel with cheese received an 8/10, and the lemonade got a 7/10.


Replying to @Tim Hortons @alexmakhnachov What I should try next ? #timhortons #timhortonscanada #canada_life🇨🇦 #ukraine🇺🇦 #vancouver #regina #toronto #saskatchewan #canada

After taking a bite of the Timbiebs, which he says he didn't actually know where a collab with Justin Bieber, he admitted he thought there was going to be something in the middle of the treat. That being said, he did like the famous treat, and gave Timbiebs a 10/10.

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