A Newcomer To Canada Shared His First Trip To Walmart & Had A Very Relatable Problem (VIDEO)

"Never seen goods in such large quantities."

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A TikTok from @makhnachov about going to Walmart in Canada for the first time.

A TikTok from @makhnachov about going to Walmart in Canada for the first time.

If you've ever shopped at Walmart Canada, you probably know it's got basically everything you need, but if you've never been before it's understandable how it can be overwhelming.

TikTokerAndrian Makhnachov (@makhnachov), who is a Ukrainian refugee living in Saskatchewan, recently shared his very first visit to the massive retailer and it's safe to say that he was a little overwhelmed.

"My first time at a Canadian Walmart," said the voiceover in the video. "Right at the entrance it is clear that this is a popular store."

"The first thing that surprised me was this large space. It seems to me that you can get lost in such shops," he explained, which is definitely something that happens to youngsters who get separated from their parents at the big store.

Andrian then pointed out a problem that is highly relatable.

"When I went in I even forgot what I needed," he shared.

He then showed off some seasonal Halloween goodies.

"Shopping at Walmart turned out to be fun," said Andrian. "Never seen goods in such large quantities."


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"It turned out that even clothes are sold here," he said, adding that the clothes "look good."

Next up was the grocery section, which he found surprising.

"Then we find the department with food and I was shocked to see so much frozen foods," he said before displaying a cart full of ready-to-microwave items.

Given that Andrian recently made a TikTok about trying to get ready for winter and not having enough gear to keep warm, it seems Walmart might be a great answer to that problem!

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