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Semion explaining his favourite Tim Hortons donut.

Semion explaining his favourite Tim Hortons donut.

If you grew up in Canada, you likely already know what your favourite Tim Hortons treat is, but if you're a newcomer like Semion, finding out which donut you like best is definitely a fun experiment.

On his TikTok account @newcanadians, where he describes himself as a "Ukrainian refugee exploring Canada life," Semion has picked his favourite Timmies donut.

"After serious research, ups and downs, wins and fails, I’m ready to make a big announcement!" he captioned his post.


After serious research, ups and downs, wins and fails, I’m ready to make a big announcement! #tims #timhortons #donuts #ukraine #canada_life🇨🇦 #refugees

"Even though everyone is saying it's a kids donut, I'm ready to announce my favourite after the huge consideration," Semion said.

"It's a chocolate dip," he revealed before panning over to a box full of the treat. "Oh my g-o-d."

He went on to say Canucks have been letting him sleep on the tasty pastry for too long.

"It's not fair. You're not being honest with me," he joked. "You should have said it from the very beginning. Like, 'You shouldn't try anything except chocolate dips, trust me, I'm Canadian.'"

As well as chocolate dip, his wife has opened his eyes to the wonders of another classic.

"Also, the second one favourite is that thing," he said, showing off a few apple fritters. "And I don't know the name, but my wife buys it for me, and she said it's an apple stuff. You will love it."

Pair that with some of the Tim Hortons medium roast whole bean coffee he likes, and you've got yourself a tasty breakfast or afternoon snack, Semion!

Timmies isn't the only iconic Canadian snack he's tried during his few months in the country.

Back in June, he sampled poutine for the first time, which he managed to get all over his face.

"Awesome," he said of the gooey dish. "No, seriously, it's very tasty."

We can't wait to see what you try next, Semion!

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