A Ukrainian Refugee Tried Poutine For The First Time & His Reaction Is Everything (VIDEO)

"Am I doing it right?" 😋

Semion trying poutine. Right: A plate of poutine.

Semion trying poutine. Right: A plate of poutine.

A Ukrainian man who recently came to Canada has been sharing his thoughts about his new home on TikTok and he recently sampled a true Canuck delicacy.

The TikTok account @newcanadians is run by Semion, who describes himself as a "Ukrainian refugee exploring Canada life."

While he was out watching a soccer game, he documented his first time trying out a recommendation from his followers.

"All right guys, you said I have to try poutine," he said. "The time has come. I was searching through the menu, and then I remembered you guys were telling me about this."

As for the dish itself, which he learned consisted of fries with "sauce" and cheese, he said it looked delicious.

"Am I doing it right?" he said as he brought a gooey fry to his mouth, which ended up with a string of cheese all over his chin.

"Awesome," he said of the experience. "No seriously, it's very tasty."


So this was awesome, any new recommendations? #canada_life🇨🇦 #refugees #Ukraine #Canada #poutine

He also made a video where he appeared to be absolutely tickled about Canadian currency.

"I don't know if you're aware, but your money is transparent," he said while looking through a $5 bill.

"This is very cool, and I don't think I've seen somewhere something like this," he continued. "That's amazing."


Transparent money???? Rly? #canada_life🇨🇦 #refugees #Ukraine #Canada

He also made a video about his "heartwarming" experience with Canadians.

"Guys, I just had to pull over and make this TikTok," he said. "The fact that I'm driving and any pedestrian I meet on my way would wave at me, and I would wave back to him, and this pedestrian would smile, and I would smile back. This makes me so happy."


Is it usual for you, Canadians? Or it has the same effect on you too? #canada_life🇨🇦 #refugees #Ukraine #Canada #happy

Apparently, such behaviour is not common in Ukraine.

"It's so unusual and makes me so happy that just one random person could make my whole day, or in this case, my whole evening," he explained.

"This is just so unusual and so heartwarming for me so probably Canadians are amazing. I mean, for sure you are."

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