A Ukrainian Refugee Is Sharing The Things He Finds Strange About Canada & LOL (VIDEOS)

"Milk in a bag? Are you kidding me?"

A person holding up a bag of milk. Right: A person eating a doughnut.

A person holding up a bag of milk. Right: A person eating a doughnut.

A newcomer to Canada is documenting all of his discoveries about the country on TikTok, and they're pretty hilarious.

The social media account @newcanadians is run by a man named Semion whose profile says, "I guess you can call us Ukrainian refugees. Now in Canada."

With just over a dozen videos, he's already racked up over 25,000 followers due to his observations about Canada and the Canuck lifestyle.

"So you guys said I definitely have to try something Tim Hortons," Semion said. "It's apparently very Canadian thing so let's do it."

After taking a bite of a doughnut and washing it down with a drink, he gave his verdict.

"No way guys, it's too much sweet," he shared. "There's so much sugar."

Although he's not a fan of the treat he tried, Semion appears to be keeping an open mind about it.

"I've seen they have way more stuff to try so I'll definitely come back to Tim Hortons."


Trying my first Tim Hortons donut! #ukraine #canada_life🇨🇦 #Canada #refugees

Next up, Semion seems to be absolutely perplexed by how some Canadians buy their milk.

"What is this?" he said as he holds up the offending product. "Milk in a bag? Are you kidding me?"

"And you have a special cup for it," he continued as he puts the milk into a pitcher, giving it the signature "tap tap" movement to settle it properly.

"Why?" he wondered with a giggle. "Please tell me it's something to do with the environment, 'cause otherwise, no."


Milk IN A BAG????? Why, God why? :))))) #ukraine #canada_life🇨🇦 #Canada #refugees

In his next video, he describes a bit about how a Canadian family opened up their home to let his family stay in their basement, which he notes is very different from a basement in Eastern Europe.

"Why the TV in Canada is always on?" he mused. "I mean, sports channel is basically 24/7 in this house. Is it just this family, or it's a Canadian thing?"

To be fair, his video was posted while the Leafs were playing in the first-round playoffs, so that might have something to do with it!


TV is always on in all of the #Canada or it’s just this beautiful family’s thing? #refugees

Semion isn't the only one to be confused by things like this after arriving in Canada.

A German TikToker thinks that the doors we have with the little push button to lock them are upsetting, while an English TikToker doesn't get why people congregate in the parking lot of Tim Hortons during the warmer seasons.

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