A Newcomer To Canada Tried To Shop For Winter Clothes & He's Convinced He Will 'Surely Die'

"I was also surprised that there was plaid shirts everywhere."

TikToker @makhnachov looking for winter clothes.

TikToker @makhnachov looking for winter clothes.

If you're dreading the upcoming winter in Canada, imagine how scary the thought of it must be for someone who is new to the country!

TikToker Andrian Makhnachov (@makhnachov) is a Ukrainian refugee who recently moved to Saskatchewan and has been sharing his dread about the upcoming cold season.

"Preparing for my first winter in Canada, part 2," said the voiceover in the video as he bundled up under a blanket. "We decided to start seriously preparing for winter, and went to buy winter things. To be honest, I haven't gotten used to the Canadian style of clothing yet."

"When I started looking at the price tags of simple things I was surprised," Andrian explained. "I was also surprised that there was plaid shirts everywhere. I couldn't resist and bought one too."

He also picked up some cute PJ pants, though despite going to three stores, he couldn't find proper boots.

"For the whole day I bought only socks and one warm sweater which I regretted when I woke up the next morning," the TikToker shared.

"I need a lot of recommendations because I will surely die."


Replying to @Karyn Moses what I definitely need?Where u from? Are y ready?#canada_life🇨🇦 #ukraine🇺🇦 #saskatchewan #regina #toronto #vancoverbc #wintercanada🇨🇦 #canada @🇺🇦New Canadian🇨🇦

In a previous video, Andrian asked for tips to survive winter.

"Yesterday was very hot but today I am freezing from the cold," Andrian said of the late September temperatures at the time.

After bundling up into some of the cold-weather gear he brought from Ukraine, he stepped outside to see how his clothes held up to the Canadian fall.

"Strange, but I'm still cold, the wind is blowing my bones," he explained.

Remember to dress in layers, Andrian!

Sarah Rohoman
Sarah Rohoman is an Editor for Narcity Media focused on Canadian celebrities and is based in Toronto, Ontario.