Canada's Month-By-Month Winter Forecast For Each Province Reveals When Snowstorms Will Hit

Winter is coming! 🌨️

​Person standing on a sidewalk as it snows in Vancouver. Right: Trees and cars covered in snow along a street in Montreal.
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Person standing on a sidewalk as it snows in Vancouver. Right: Trees and cars covered in snow along a street in Montreal.

There is a month-by-month version of Canada's winter forecast that shows what's expected in each province during the season and you can find out when snow will start falling.

While the season doesn't officially arrive until almost the end of December, that doesn't mean cold and snowy weather will wait until then.

The winter weather forecast from the Farmers' Almanac predicted cold, arctic air for this season along with intense storms, some of which could drop up to 60 centimetres of snow!

The Old Farmer's Almanac has called for an early start to winter with "bouts of sneaky cold," "icebox conditions" and "several major snowstorms."

If that didn't already have you shivering, winter in Canada could be "more active" this year with "persistent bouts of cold air" for some parts of the country because of La Niña!

Not only has the Old Farmer's Almanac put out its forecast for the season, but it has also released a breakdown of what winter will bring to every province in Canada.

So, let's get into exactly when snowstorms are expected to hit where you live and when the temperatures will get absolutely frigid!


November will start with rain and snow showers in the north and rainy, mild periods in the south.

Then, there will be periods of rain and snow showers throughout the month, with cold temperatures broken up by a brief stretch of mild conditions in the middle of the month.

December in B.C. is forecast to start with sunny conditions along with rain and snow showers. The weather will be snowy then get colder and even turn "frigid" as the month goes on.

For January, rain and snow showers will dominate and temperatures will flip flop between cold and mild.

February is expected to start with flurries in the north and rain in the south before turning cold. During the rest of the month, there will be showers but it will end with sun and cold temperatures.

Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

November will start with sunny and warm conditions in the Prairies but then flip between snow and rain. The month will end on a "frigid" note.

During the month of December, it's forecast to snow every single week in the Prairies. Also, temperatures will sometimes be mild but will other times be bitterly cold.

In January, the Old Farmer's Almanac has called for flurries and snow showers throughout. There will be a snowstorm in the western part of the region during the last week of the month.

February is expected to start cold with snow showers before turning sunny and mild briefly during the second week of the month.

Then, it will get colder as the weeks go by!


In Ontario, November is forecast to start with a rain and snow mix in the north. Then the following weeks will flip flop between snowy and cold conditions and periods of rain and mild temperatures.

December is expected to have snowy periods that will be heavy at times along with "bitter cold" during the first week.

Despite a few days of rain and mild temperatures after that, the following weeks will all have snow and cold.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, every week of January will feature snow in Ontario even though a few days in the middle of the month will be mild. Then, the month will end with "very cold" temperatures.

In February, it will be sunny but cold in southern parts of the province before transitioning to periods of snow and rain.

Towards the end of the month, it's forecast to be cold with flurries and then snow mixed with rain.


November is expected to be pretty mild in Quebec during the first weeks with periods of rain and snow showers. A snowstorm is forecasted for the last week of the month along with cold temperatures.

A snowstorm will hit the province during the first week of December and temperatures will turn "frigid." After a few days of sunny and mild conditions, there will be another snowstorm followed by more rain and snow showers.

At the end of the year, Quebec is expected to get flurries and cold temperatures.

During January, the weather will flip flop between more mild temperatures and snowy, cold conditions.

In February, there will be snowy periods, snow showers and flurries every week of the month with a brief period of rain and mild temperatures during the second week.

New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Newfoundland & Labrador

In Atlantic Canada, the first few weeks of November are forecast to be mild with rain showers before the snow starts to mix in.

The last week of the month will feature a snowstorm and temperatures will turn cold.

Every week of December is expected to have periods of rain and snow in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, P.E.I. and Newfoundland and Labrador. Temperatures will be "frigid" to start but will then be mild before getting cold again.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, January will be a mixed bag of weather conditions with sunshine, rain, cold temperatures and snow. Multiple snowstorms are expected in the first two weeks of the month!

February will start and end with snowstorms in Atlantic Canada. Between those storms, snow showers are forecast while temperatures fluctuate from mild to cold and back again.

No matter where you live in Canada, it's probably a good idea to make sure that you've got your jackets, boots and shovels ready for winter!

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