Canada's Winter Weather Forecast Just Dropped & It's Going To Be So Cold & Snowy As Heck

-40 C temps are coming, folks! 🥶

Downtown Toronto in a snowstorm. Right: Montreal in the winter.

Downtown Toronto in a snowstorm. Right: Montreal in the winter.

While it might seem a bit early to be staring down the barrel of winter, Canada's weather forecast suggests that a cold, snowy December through February is in store across the country.

According to long-range weather forecaster Farmers' Almanac, the upcoming winter weather in Canada will be cold across the board with some chilly, intense storms rolling through some regions.

The almanac is predicting storms to come through most of Canada's Maritimes this winter. And with those come lots of snow, slush and rain, in case you needed something to look forward to!

Heading west, the provinces of Ontario and Quebec will see more precipitation in the form of good old-fashioned snow.

And while lots of the white stuff is in the cards, it's unknown if it'll be anything like last year's snowfall.

However, it's predicted that a winter storm in February could bring up to 60 centimetres of snow in Ontario, Quebec and other more eastern provinces.

And to make matters worse, a blast of arctic air in January could mean temperatures that dip all the way down to minus 40 for Ontario and everything east of it. Eek!

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the prairies are expecting to get hit with lots of snow and cold throughout January and February as well. Along with the snowfall, expect some "bitter cold" days, especially in the first week of January.

As for the westernmost province, the almanac is predicting the usual winter precipitation for B.C., but brisker temperatures — which bodes well for the ski season.

As the cold winter comes to an end in March 2023, we can then expect a "lion-like" transition into spring with weather ranging from snow and thunderstorms to lots of rain.

So, in case you've been complaining about wild Canadian summer temperatures lately, maybe think twice and enjoy not having to wear five layers just to go outside!

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