Ontario's Weather Forecast Calls For Extreme Warmth This Week Like Summer Has Come Early

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The CN tower in Toronto. Right: Woodbine Beach.

The CN tower in Toronto. Right: Woodbine Beach.

After a wintry start, Ontario's weather forecast is now calling for a milder February, with an unusual trend of extreme warmth expected to arrive this week.

According to The Weather Network (TWN), temperatures will soar into the low teens by Wednesday, bringing conditions more typical of what residents would see in early summer than winter.

So, is Canada's weather broken? Nope. Although it may seem like a miracle, enjoying milder temperatures during typically colder months isn't unheard of for Ontarians.

In fact, similar warm-ups caused the province to break its all-time temperature record for February in 2016 and 2017, with a similar challenge posed in 2018.

Still, despite Ontario's return to warmth this week, TWN reports that temperatures aren't likely to be high enough during the day to break any records in 2023.

Not that anyone will be too bummed when cities including Toronto, London and Windsor hit 14 to 15 degrees by Wednesday.

Don't toss your parka out just yet, though, as the milder pattern is expected to change, with a round of cold air set to make its way across the Great Lakes region by the weekend.

You'll also want to make sure to stay updated with your local forecast, as some regions will definitely be having less fun in the sun than others.

"By Thursday night into early Friday morning (Feb. 17), across the province, there is anticipated to be a more than 50-degree temperature range from extreme northwestern Ontario compared to a select few stations east along Highway 401," TWN concludes.

Winter isn't breaking up with us, it's just taking a few days off. So, you'll want to get out and enjoy the faux-summer vibes while you can.

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Patrick John Gilson
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