The Polar Vortex Is Moving Away From Canada & A '30-Degree Temperature Rebound' Is Coming

Some places in the country will go from -30 C to 1 C in just over a day.

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​Icy, snow-covered sidewalk in Montreal. Right: Person walking with an umbrella in Toronto while it's raining.

Icy, snow-covered sidewalk in Montreal. Right: Person walking with an umbrella in Toronto while it's raining.

The polar vortex that has sent Canada into a deep freeze is moving away and a "30-degree temperature rebound" is coming.

According to a new forecast from The Weather Network, the frigid Arctic air the polar vortex brought down to eastern parts of the country is set to leave as fast as it came.

Temperatures on Friday, February 3 and Saturday, February 4 were colder than -20 C in a lot of areas with wind chills of -40 C and even -50 C in some areas, meaning most of the coldest places on Earth were in Canada.

As the polar vortex moves away, an upper-level ridge will build over half of the country and bump temperatures to above seasonal, The Weather Network said.

In fact, most places will experience a significant warm-up with a temperature swing of more than 30 degrees between Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.

The Weather Network has forecast that Ottawa will go from winter weather of -30 C on Saturday morning to 1 C on Sunday afternoon.

Toronto is set to get a 25-degree temperature change, Montreal is expected to get a 29-degree warm-up and Halifax is forecast to experience a 28-degree change.

Then, by the middle of the week, temperatures could reach the upper single digits in parts of southern Ontario and areas in Atlantic Canada!

While Canada's weather is warming up, this pattern change will also bring an active storm track to the eastern parts of the country.

So, The Weather Network said people could be dealing with cloudy skies and messy conditions along with warmer temperatures.

What is the spring weather forecast for Canada?

If you've got the winter blues and are looking forward to the change in seasons, the Farmers' Almanac recently released the spring weather forecast for Canada and it calls for a "turbulent transition to warmth."

This spring, a slow warm-up is expected in April with stormy weather and the "widespread" threat of severe weather in June because of a surge of warm, humid air.

Then, the heat is forecast to "turn on" across most of the country after that!

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