Ontario's Spring Forecast Is Out & Here's What To Expect Over The Next Few Months

But, Victoria Day weekend is looking good!

Toronto Staff Writer
Spring cherry blossoms in Toronto

Spring cherry blossoms in Toronto

The Farmers' Almanac has unveiled its 2023 Ontario spring forecast, and it looks all kinds of messy.

According to the annual calendar, the province will record above-normal precipitation throughout the season, particularly in areas surrounding the Great Lakes. So, be prepared to lug an umbrella around with you every time you leave home.

April will kick off with "gusty winds and showery" conditions, with a round of pleasant weather likely to roll in by the end of its first week.

But, those celebrating Easter should move their plans indoors as another round of rain could drown out the holiday. Although, there is still a chance that the weather will turn "fair," so don't cancel the egg hunt just yet.

The Victoria Day long weekend will be a different story altogether, with skies expected to clear up just in time to make the cottage a viable option by May 24. However, intermittent showers are likely, so your first barbecue of the season could be a bust.

The last days of the season could bring more severe weather, thanks to a wave of stifling heat and humidity arriving in time for the June solstice.

"A surge of very warm, humid, and unstable air triggers showers, violent thunderstorms and possibly even a twister or two across much of the central and eastern parts of the nation," the Almanac reads.

Overall, Ontario is slated to be mild and showery for most of the spring, with The Old Farmer's Almanac adding that temperatures will be near average during April and May with "slightly above-normal precipitation."

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Patrick John Gilson
Toronto Staff Writer
Patrick John Gilson is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada’s Ontario Desk focused on Ontario gas prices and is based in Toronto, Ontario.
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