Alberta's 2023 Spring Weather Forecast Is Here & It Looks Messy AF

Here's what the upcoming months are going to be like!

Calgary Staff Writer
Spring in Alberta.

Spring in Alberta.

Farmers' Almanac has released its weather forecast for Spring 2023 in Alberta and 'stormy' is the word to summarize the upcoming months.

While the Alberta weather forecast was very mild in January, the next few months are set to be pretty messy, despite temperatures being near normal with average precipitation across the prairies, the forecast said.

In the first week of February, Alberta will see "intense storms" that will bring heavy snow to the province, and it'll be a common theme throughout the rest of the month too.

It's also looking likely to get pretty windy too around the middle of the month with more storms in Alberta.

According to the forecast, storms will continue into March, but luckily, there'll also be more than a few occasions where the province will see some fairer conditions too.

There might be some light snow across the Rockies and prairies too.

In April, it will finally feel like spring is here as the month kicks off with some pleasant weather.

However, April showers will definitely be a thing this year with wet weather hitting parts of Alberta over the course of the month, especially towards the middle where the province will see "gusty winds and showery" conditions.

Don't think about putting away your raincoat either as stormy weather will return towards the end of the month.

May is also set to be a mixed bag with a lot of fair weather balanced out with showery spells. Early on, the weather forecast to "very unsettled" in Alberta.

However, the skies are expected to eventually clear, just in time for the Victoria Day holiday so make sure you take full advantage of the spring conditions!

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