Alberta's Summer Weather Forecast Is Here & Prepare For 'Broiling' Temperatures

It's going to be a spicy summer! 🥵

Calgary Staff Writer
Calgary in the summer.

Calgary in the summer.

While Alberta hasn't been able to shake off winter just yet, a summer forecast for the province is out and spoiler alert, things are going to be a little steamy.

According to the summer weather forecast from Farmers' Almanac, Canada is in for "warmer than normal" weather across the board and Alberta is no different.

In fact, the forecast goes as far as to say as temperatures are likely to be "sizzling" and "unrelenting" between June and September. The heat is going to be intense, soaring past 32 degrees and sometimes, it could feel more like 40 degrees.

In Alberta and the prairies, things are going to get sticky with the forecast calling for "broiling" conditions and even more rainfall than normal.

While it's definitely going to be hot, there's also going to be "heavy precipitation" across parts of the Rockies and prairies, with showery rains and big thunderstorms throughout summer.

Storms seem to be a common theme for Alberta this year, with spring forecasts in the province also hinting at some unsettled weather in the lead-up to summer.

Spring in the province seems likely to get off to a slow start with "colder than normal" temperatures, one forecast said.

After a mild winter, March and April might "look and feel more wintry" in Alberta than the province did through December, January and February this year.

Another spring forecast is expecting the province to see some "gusty winds and showery" weather in April which will lead into "very unsettled" conditions in May.

Charlie Hart
Calgary Staff Writer
Charlie Hart is a Staff Writer for Narcity Canada's Western Desk focused on Alberta news and is based in Calgary, Alberta.
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