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This week, a cold snap in Alberta could bring temperatures reaching up to minus 50 degrees in the province.

Environment Canada has issued extreme cold warnings across the entire province, where windchill will take temperatures to around minus 40 degrees.

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Winter weather is coming out in full force in Alberta and a new weather forecast said temperatures in parts of the province could be comparable to temperatures seen in Antarctica right now.

According to The Weather Network, the polar vortex is bringing frigid air through Alberta this week, leading to some "dangerously-cold temperatures" in the province on Tuesday, December 6.

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We did it; TGIF — Andrew from Narcity here. ☕

Off The Top: While recently posing in front of Toronto's Scotiabank Arena, a 10-year-old boy broke down into wailing sobs when his parents surprised him with tickets to his first-ever Raptors game, per a now-viral video clip. For local basketball fans of a certain vintage, the Raptors could've only elicited such a response by using the No. 1 overall pick to draft surly power forward Andrea Bargnani.

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Wrap up warm, Alberta! Despite not being officially winter yet, the province is getting a dose of extreme winter temperatures and some regions are even being warned about extreme weather conditions.

Environment Canada said several parts of Northern Alberta will see "extremely cold wind chill" with temperatures nearing minus 40 on Thursday, December 1.

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The Alberta weather forecast is looking like a chilly mess, with incoming snowfall, strong winds and cold temperatures.

Calgary weather is expected to be a flip-flop of changing conditions but the rest of the province is getting hit too.

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