Canada's Summer Forecast Is Out Already & There Will Be 'Unrelenting' Heat Reaching Almost 40 C

Get ready for a "sizzling" warmer-than-normal summer! 🥵

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​People at a park in Toronto with the CN Tower in the background. Right: People on a beach in Vancouver as the sun sets.

People at a park in Toronto with the CN Tower in the background. Right: People on a beach in Vancouver as the sun sets.

There is already a summer forecast for Canada and most of the country is in for "sizzling" and "unrelenting" heat with temperatures getting close to 40 C!

The Farmers' Almanac put out the summer weather forecast for 2023 that breaks down what Canada's summer weather will be like this year including hot temperatures, thunderstorms and potentially damaging hurricanes.

With this new prediction, it seems that a warmer-than-normal summer is in store for almost all of Canada.

The Farmers' Almanac said its long-range weather outlook is pointing to "sizzling temperatures" and heat that will "seem unrelenting" at times, lasting from June to early September.

It's predicted that temperatures will be hotter than 32 C and some places could even get temperatures around 37 C.

Then, with the humidex, temperatures feeling like almost 40 C are expected in some parts of the country.

Rainfall will be above normal across central parts of Canada with bursts of heavy precipitation from rainstorms and thunderstorms for the Rockies, Prairies and Great Lakes.

According to this forecast, there is the potential for a hurricane threat across Atlantic Canada during the third week of September.

The Farmers' Almanac has also revealed what the summer forecast is for each province from June through to August.

B.C.'s summer forecast calls for seasonal temperatures and dry conditions. The Prairies are expected to be "broiling" with above-average precipitation.

Ontario's weather will turn from warm to hot with soggy conditions while Quebec will be "scorching" and drier than normal.

Atlantic Canada is in for a warm and dry summer, according to the Farmers' Almanac.

If you're wondering if the weather will heat up before summer arrives, The Weather Network has predicted "a sluggish start" to spring.

Also, Canada's spring forecast from the Farmers' Almanac called for a "turbulent transition to warmth" with the heat only really turning on in June.

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