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BC's 2023 Spring Forecast Is Out & Here's What The Next Few Months Will Bring

Plan your long weekends accordingly!

Cherry blossoms in Vancouver. Right: Vancouver.

Cherry blossoms in Vancouver. Right: Vancouver.


The Farmers' Almanac has revealed its 2023 B.C. spring forecast, and hope is in the air!

After a long and dreary winter, the annual calendar says the weather in B.C. will be pleasant soon enough — and even "hot"!

Overall the spring forecast said that pleasant temperatures with regular precipitation are expected. Western Canada as a whole is predicted to have "warm-to-hot" and "continued dry" weather. It's not all sunshine and rainbows though.

The calendar said that February will start out nice, but then turn "very unsettled" in the second week. The rest of the month will be a mix of stormy conditions and chilly weather, before ending on a wet note.

Don't give up yet though, because March will have some fair weather to start out — although it might be "rather chilly." Throughout March there will be some rain — or even wet snow — but there's a decent amount of fair weather in the forecast too.

The start of April is what most hope for in spring — clear skies and pleasant weather. There is some wet and unsettled weather mixed in there, but again, fair skies are a theme of the month.

You might want to consider moving the Easter egg hunt indoors though because the holiday might be met with weather that's "wet for the Pacific Coast." Considering the amount of rain the province gets normally, this might be rough!

May is supposed to have some rain, but luckily the Victoria Day weekend is expected to be clear. So, book those campsites and enjoy the spring weather!

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