BC's Spring Forecast Is Looking Cold, Wet & Probably Not What You're Hoping For

"Canadians will need to be patient." 🙄

Contributing Writer, Vancouver
Rainy weather in Vancouver.

Rainy weather in Vancouver.

Vancouver weather has been a little snowier than usual this winter, and after a few weather alerts from Environment and Climate Change Canada, many folks are growing weary. Well, if you're hoping for sunny skies and light-jacket days in the coming weeks, you're likely to be disappointed — sorry!

The Weather Network (TWN) is calling for a "sluggish" start to spring in most of the country, and that extends to the B.C. weather forecast. "Canadians will need to be patient," wrote Doug Gillham from TWN.

Particularly in March and April, TWN predicts above-normal precipitation is expected in Raincouver and cooler-than-average temperatures to boot.

This uptick in precipitation might be a preview of climate change's anticipated long-term effects in Vancouver; the city actually anticipates a 5% increase in winter rain by the 2050s.

But hey, there is a bright side here — heavy snow in the alpine regions will likely extend spring ski season, making for the perfect excuse to hit the slopes and revel in what's left of the cozy season.

Plus, the forecasted weather could even help reduce the risk of an early start to fire season in the province, replenishing reservoirs before summer arrives.

If you live in Vancouver, you might not be reaching for that beach towel anytime soon (unless you're down for a cold-water dip), but at least this weather's bringing in some potential environmental benefits.

Sierra Riley
Contributing Writer, Vancouver
Sierra Riley is a Contributing Writer for Narcity Canada and is based in Vancouver.