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Vancouver TikTokers Are Showing The Wild Snowfall & The City Is So Chaotic (VIDEOS)

"The Vancouver airport is absolute chaos."

​YVR. Right: The SkyTrain.

YVR. Right: The SkyTrain.

Staff Writer

Vancouver TikTokers are sharing what the city has turned into after getting a recent dump of snow — and it is total chaos.

From monstrous lineups and multiple flight cancellations at YVR to traffic pileups and even snow on the SkyTrain, the weather has caused a lot of havoc and these videos are here to prove it.

Throughout Monday night and early Tuesday morning, downtown Vancouver received 30 centimetres of snow and Vancouver International Airport received 28 centimetres of snow, according to The Weather Network.

This local TikToker showed off what it was like to use public transit when the city snows and there seems to be quite the backup.

"Trying to get home on transit in Vancouver during snowy weather be like...," they said.


Mo’ snow, mo’ problems 🥴❄️ #vancouver #snow #snowcouver

Other TikTokers seemed to notice that the SkyTrain was looking a little bit chillier than usual...


The snow is insane tonight ❄️ #vancouver #vancouverskytrain #skytrain #skytrainvancouver #snowday #storm #bcstorm #bcstorm2022 #lowermainland #snow #snowing #snowinginvancouver #vancouversnow #vancouversnowday #vancouversnowstorm #fypsnow

It was literally snowing, inside the train. At least it's festive, right?

"Vancouver got the Christmas update," one person commented.


Never in my have I seen this 🫣 #vancouver #snow #snowing #winter #weather #vancity

Other places, like YVR, were also feeling the effects of the current weather situation.

"The winter storm and severe snowfall has had an unprecedented impact on flights and operations at YVR," the airport's tweet reads.

One TikToker showed cancelled flights filling the announcement boards.


What a mess. No customer service support. #canada_life🇨🇦 #vancouver #britishcolumbia #snowstorm #badweather #stuckataiportforthenight #fyp

Another user showed the mega wait times and baggage challenges people are facing at the airport.

"The Vancouver airport is absolute chaos," they said.

"If you're flying to YVR, maybe rethink checking in a bag. We landed at 11 p.m. and by 4 a.m. we still hadn’t seen our bags," they added.


If you’re flying to YVR, maybe rethink checking in a bag. We landed at 11pm and by 4am we still hadn’t seen our bags #chaos #yvr #airport

A few other Vancouverites on TikTok brought a little insight into what the roads are looking like with the snow and for some, it's a struggle to get anywhere.

"I didn't make it to work today," one TikToker said.


Snow hit the city hard today…. Even the buses in my area weren’t operating 😭 My heart goes out to the staff and patients… . . . . #snowstorm #vancouversnowstorm #vancouverbc #vancouversnowdays #healthcareworker

Plus, the weather looks like it made delivering packages a whole lot more challenging.


It’s the “oh noo” that does it for me. #yvr #vancouver #snow #vancouversnow

Meanwhile, one local TikToker made light of the snowfall struggles and shared an "empty bus tour" with his viewers — after "getting stranded on the highway."


my favourite thing ever is getting stranded on the highway in an empty bus #vancouver #snow #transit

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