These TikToks Of Luxury Cars In Vancouver Snow Have People Shaking Their Heads (VIDEOS)

"For the price…Aston Martin cars should self-drive in the Canadian snow." 👀

​People pushing a Tesla. Right: An Aston Martin.
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People pushing a Tesla. Right: An Aston Martin.

Over the past few days, Vancouver received a boatload of snow, but that did not stop local drivers from hitting the roads with their luxury vehicles.

More than a few TikTok videos of these pricey cars attempting to take on the Vancouver snow have been surfacing the internet and people are calling them out for it.

Although the rides may look cool, it seems like they do not do justice to their price tag when driving in these weather conditions and these chaotic videos are here to prove it.

This TikToker showed off a classy Aston Martin struggling in the snow and so many people were quick to call the driver out.

"Buys a $350,000 car, but doesn't get snow tires for it," one person commented.

"Priorities in Vancouver," they added.

Another user wrote, "all the $20,000 and $30,000 vehicles passing him."

While other TikTokers jokingly said, "for the price…Aston Martin cars should self-drive in the Canadian snow."


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Some other Vancouverite caught a local driver trying to take their Maserati through downtown Vancouver and they needed a little bit of manual help to get by.

"That car should not be out in this weather," one person commented.


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Last but not least, quite a few TikTokers caught videos of Tesla vehicles struggling to make it through the snow.

"Should not be driving if they don't have winter tires," the video caption reads.

Should not be driving if they don’t have winter tires !! Glad to see people came out help this guy push his Tesla !! #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #viral #bc #canada #vancouverbc #snow #snowday #snowstorm #winter #christmas #dowtownvancouver

Many people came to the rescue and slowly got these vehicles unstuck.

"I guess AWD never donned on Musk," one person commented.


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