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BC's Top Doctor Warns That There Are 'Consequences' For Not Getting Vaccinated

"Yes, we absolutely can say, 'To come in here, you have to be immunized,'" said Dr. Henry.

Speaking at the B.C. COVID-19 update on Tuesday, July 27, Dr. Bonnie Henry said that the next two weeks are crucial for getting as many British Columbians vaccinated as possible.

Health officials noted that things like pop-up clinics and mobile clinics will be starting across many communities in the province so people can get their COVID-19 vaccine doses without appointments. While the province is really placing focus on vaccination rates, Dr. Bonnie Henry noted that there are "consequences" that come with choosing not to get vaccinated.

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Coyotes Keep Attacking People In A Vancouver Park & A Woman Just Got Bit While Running

The last victim in Stanley Park was a toddler.

Another coyote attack in Stanley Park was reported on the evening of Thursday, July 22. This is the fifth known attack in the Vancouver park in the month of July alone.*

On Thursday around 9:30 p.m., a woman was jogging along the seawall when she was bitten on the leg by a coyote. Her injuries were minor.

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You Can Get Boozy In 22 Vancouver Parks All Summer Long As Of Next Week

Perfect for the beating the summer heat. 🌞

If you're looking for a way to beat the heat in B.C. this month, parks in Vancouver are now offering a boozy alternative to staying cool with water.

The City of Vancouver is starting a pilot project that allows the use of alcohol in certain parts of 22 of Vancouver's most popular parks, beginning on July 12 and ending on October 11.

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A BC Walmart Was Forced To Close Because Rodents Were Chowing Down On Cheetos

Parts of the store are still blocked off.

A Walmart in New Westminster, B.C. was issued a closure order after an inspection by Fraser Health on June 25.

According to the inspection notice, there was a "severe pest infestation in the dry food section."

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Here's How To Support Canadians Affected By The Wildfires Tearing Across BC Right Now

Small town, big community support. πŸ‘

Over the past few days a B.C. wildfire has devastated Lytton, a small town in central B.C. The fire has officially been deemed "out of control," and hundreds of people and their families have been affected.

But while Lytton itself might be small, Canadians all across the country can help those affected by the disaster.

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The Massive Wildfire Terrorizing Lytton Is Only Expected To Get Bigger, Officers Say

Reports indicate that 90% of the town has been destroyed.

After a week of record-breaking heat, the town of Lytton, B.C., is on fire, and local officers say that likely won't change anytime soon.

An evacuation order was issued for residents of Lytton β€” a small town five hours outside of Vancouver, in Central B.C. β€” on June 30, and multiple reports from the area indicate that 90% of the town has been destroyed in the blaze.

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