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Willie Nelson Is Calling On Joe Biden To Make '4/20' An Official Holiday

He actually wants the holiday to span 9 days. 🤯🎸

Willie Nelson is calling on President Joe Biden to make "4/20" — a day many use to celebrate the consumption of marijuana — an official national holiday.

Nelson, in collaboration with his Luck Reunion team, launched a petition to help declare the nine days spanning April 20-29 the official "High Holidays," with the last day of celebration falling on the country music star's birthday.

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This US City Is Using Police Funds To Create Housing For Homeless People

This could change lives.

The Texas capital of Austin just voted to make a big purchase to help its homeless population using funds cut from the city's police department budget.

The City Council on Wednesday voted to purchase the 2-year-old Texas Bungalows Hotel & Suites for nearly $7 million and convert it into 60 units of housing for people experiencing chronic homelessness.

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3D Printed Moon Houses Will Soon Be A Reality Thanks To This Austin-Based Company (PHOTOS)

Would you live on the moon? 👽🌑

Humanity is taking another huge leap in space exploration with the latest announcement from an Austin-based 3-D printing company.

ICON, a tech company, announced they have received funding from the government and NASA to begin research and development of a space-based construction system that could eventually support further Moon exploration.

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Joe Rogan And Dave Chappelle Are Teaming Up For The Ultimate Comedy Show In Austin

Tickets are VERY limited

Comedic legends Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan are officially teaming up for a very limited amount of shows that will take place in the capital of Texas.

Chappelle surprised the city of Austin with a 10-show residency at the legendary Stubb's Waller Creek Amphitheater and then decided to add to the already exciting news by bringing in podcast host and UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

The announcement comes just 5 days before the shows begin, so you might want to snag tickets as quickly as possible.

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The Mayor Of Austin Is Being Torn Apart For Taking A Vacation To Mexico Amid COVID-19

He took a trip after telling people to stay home

The Mayor of Austin, much like every other mayor in the country, has had a pretty tough year, but his latest move has citizens livid.

Mayor Steve Adler strongly encouraged Austonians to stay home and avoid gatherings of 10 or more people as COVID-19 cases continue to increase, the only problem is that he did not listen to his own advice and took a vacation to Mexico.

The Mayor even sent a video update from his estate in Mexico and completely failed to mention that he was in another country.

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This Massive Crowd In Austin Sang Farewell Songs For Donald Trump After Biden Victory

The "Goodbyes" could be heard from miles away

Joe Biden officially defeated President Donald Trump on Saturday, and it's safe to say that the capital of Texas, Austin, which voted blue, was thrilled with the result.

A massive crowd gathered in front of the Texas Capitol Building in celebration of the next President.

Every member of the crowd could be heard singing goodbye songs to President Trump as well as victory songs such as Queen's "We Are The Champions."

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