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Lone Star State politicians have been proposing laws that could give citizens monetary benefits, but people are finding issues with the behavior being encouraged for this compensation.

A recent bill proposed in the Texas House of Representatives is looking to shell out thousands of dollars to Texans who snitch on drag shows taking place in the presence of minors.

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A bill in the Texas House of Representatives is currently being called out by people for the uncanny Handmaid's Tale vibes it's giving off.

House Representative Bryan Slaton recently introduced HB 2889, which proposes property tax reductions for Lone Star State families in an effort to make it "easier for them to have and raise kids," the politician tweeted.

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Texans hanging around a certain gas station in the state capital might be met with opera music blaring throughout the parking lot. Though it seems to be an interesting choice for a convenience store's background music, it's actually entirely intentional.

The owner of a 7-Eleven in South Austin, TX, Jagat Patel, told KVUE he has been playing non-stop opera tunes loudly in an effort to deter loiterers, homeless people and anyone who messes with his property.

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Waffle House is a fast food establishment to enjoy breakfast menu items and spend time with loved ones. However, one friend group's visit to the eatery wasn't so cordial, and the staff got involved in an all-out brawl over the counter.

The Austin, TX, location has recently gone viral as videos surfaced from a fight that happened in September 202, reported by Rolling Stone, but recirculated online around December 22.* The clip gained millions of views and is published all over Twitter.

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It’s not an everyday occurrence to find a giant snake roaming around your neighborhood…for months.

Well, it seemed to be a common situation for some Texas residents before the Austin Animal Center rescued a 16 ft. long python from a house garage.

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