A New Bill Wants Texans To Procreate & Having 10 Kids Would Give You The Most Benefits

"This is Handmaid's Tale kind of stuff."

Texas Staff Writer
The Texas State Capitol building in Austin, TX. Right: House Representative Bryan Slaton.

The Texas State Capitol building in Austin, TX. Right: House Representative Bryan Slaton.

A bill in the Texas House of Representatives is currently being called out by people for the uncanny Handmaid's Tale vibes it's giving off.

House Representative Bryan Slaton recently introduced HB 2889, which proposes property tax reductions for Lone Star State families in an effort to make it "easier for them to have and raise kids," the politician tweeted.

There are varying degrees to the tax reductions, but the most shocking to some Texans is the fact that if you stay married to the same spouse and have over ten children, you would qualify for 100% of your taxes being taken care of.

"With this bill, Texas will start saying to couples: Get married, stay married, and be fruitful and multiply," the representative concluded.

Slaton is a Republican who has represented East Texas congressional district 2 since 2021. During his time, he has introduced bills related to the outright banning of abortions, of different state birth control efforts, and of drag shows in the presence of minors.

Under HB 2889, only straight married couples who own a home would receive 40% property tax reductions if they have four kids, 50% for five, and so on until the families earn a 100% reduction for popping out ten baby Texans.

This new proposal for Texas families is receiving mixed reactions on the Internet. Some are showing their support.

"MASSIVE W! This is the way forward for Republicans: A Pro-God, Pro-Family and Pro Country party," a tweet Slaton retweeted says.

The conversation moved to TikTok last night when user Chris Tackett (@christackett71) called the proposal "white Christian nationalism" and "Handmaid's Tale kind of stuff."


"Get married, stay married, and be fruitful and multiply" is the tag line for Texas HB2889. Stay married - 10% tax reduction Have 4 kids - 40% tax reduction Have 10 kids - 100% reduction This is handmaids tale, where women are pushed to be broodmares. They want more white kids. 1, 2, or 3 kids and you don't get any additional tax relief. You've got to get to 4 to make the money roll in. We need more white kids! 🧒of 👨‍🦰👩 = ✅ (🧒must be born after married, because of sin) Adopted 🧒of 👨‍🦰👩 = ✅ Adopted 🧒of one parent, who is married to someone who is a widow or widower = ✅ So if you were married and had kids, got divorced, and then remarried, you are SOL. Because divorce is a sin. Of course it excludes gay couples. It’s only for a man and a woman. And it’s only for homeowners. I’m thinking, ya know the history they don’t want taught, the people most likely to be homeowners are 🥁 White This is a bill for straight white Christians #christiannationalism #txlege #texaspolitics

Many social media users believe the legislation sounds like it's coming straight out of the dystopian society of Gilead in The Handmaid's Tale, where women are literal child-bearing slaves who are forced to procreate by the government's orders.

Twitter users are also calling out Slaton head-on.

"This is disgusting. Christian nationalism on display. #Handmaids," one person tweeted back to the politician.

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Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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