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Georgia usually doesn't come to mind when you think of destinations with the most beautiful beaches in the country. However, the state's rugged coastline is home to some of America's best hidden gems.

Tripadvisor's Travelers' Choice listed the 25 best beaches throughout the United States to visit in 2023.

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When it comes to U.S. states with the highest reported cases of STDs, most can be found in the South.

Using the most recent data from the CDC, a report from Innerbody published in February 2022 found Georgia to rank number 3 for most reported infections per 100,000 residents. This puts the Peach State right behind Louisiana (#2) and Mississippi (#1.)

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One of Georgia's most iconic exports, the Vidalia onion, is facing recalls this week after a producer warned customers that some of them could be contaminated with Listeria.

According to A&M Farms, located in Lyons, Georgia, the Little Bear brand of Vidalia sweet onions could be unsafe for consumption.

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There is a great white shark right off the coast of Georgia, and he appears to be making his way closer to the shore, based on his tracked path.

Cabot, a sub-adult male shark, weighs 533 pounds and is nearly 10 feet long, and he's not done growing.

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Many Georgia residents were shocked (and amused) last month when the Effingham County Sheriff's Office received a phone call that two missing monkeys were on the loose.

A post on their Facebook page reveals, "It sounded like a scene from Jumanji but it was not. There are in fact, two Patas monkeys on the loose in North Effingham."

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