A New COVID-19 Variant Has Been Discovered In Texas & It Might Resist Antibodies

Scientist at Texas A&M made the discovery.

A new COVID-19 variant has been discovered in Texas by scientists at the Texas A&M University Global Health Research Complex (GHRC).

The variant, dubbed "BV-1," has only been found in one individual with mild symptoms and it is presenting similar features to the current variant that is spreading around the United Kingdom, but scientists are not sure if antibodies are effective against it.

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George Floyd's Former High School In Houston Unveils A Giant Mural In His Honor

It's two blocks long.

George Floyd's home state of Texas just unveiled a mural honoring him in front of his Houston high school.

The mural stretches two blocks on a street in front of Jack Yates High School and was unveiled in a private ceremony for Floyd's family and members of the community.

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Beyonce's Dad Is Teaching A 'Music Master Class' At The University of Houston This Spring

You don't have be enrolled at the university to take this once in a lifetime class 🎶

Taking a class taught by Beyonce's is definitely the opportunity of a lifetime, and you don't even to be in Houston to take it.

Mathew Knowles, the father of Beyonce and manager of the famed girl group "Destiny's Child," announced that he will be teaching a Music Business Masterclass at the university in Spring 2021.

The 15-week virtual class, entitle "The Music Industry and The Digital Age," will teach everything you need to know to be successful in the music game

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The Mayor of Houston Was Just Spotted Riding A Horse To The Polls (VIDEO)

The rumors are true... Texans do ride horses everywhere 🐴🤠

Texans are heading to the polls today, especially those in Houston, who seems to be taking all means of transportation to the ballot box.

Mayor of H-town, Sylvestor Turner, along with Harris County Clerk Chris Hollins was spotted riding to polls in classic Texas-style on horses and an old-timey carriage.

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Trump Supporters In A Hearse Followed The 'Biden Bus' Around Houston (VIDEO)

It's just so creepy 😱

The Biden Bus is rolling through Texas this week and Trump supporters have found unique ways to counter the campaign move.

This comes less than a week before we find out if Trump will have another four years, or if Biden will return to the White House as President.

One Trump supporter took things to a whole new level and decked out a Hearse, a car which carries caskets to funerals, in pro-Trump and anti-Biden stickers.

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Kate Upton And Justin Verlander Just Had An Epic Experience At The Houston Zoo (PHOTOS)

Training a sea lion is just one of the many things they got to do 😍🤯

You could call Justin Verlander and Kate Upton the king and queen of Houston.

The World Series-winning pitcher for the Houston Astros and world-famous supermodel have called H-town home for three years now.

But it's always special to catch them out in public, especially when they're caught feeding animals at the famous Houston Zoo.

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