This Texas City Has The Best BBQ In The Entire US & It's Not Where You Think It Is

Move over, North Carolina and Kansas. 🍖

A plate of barbecue. Right: A person preparing a barbecue dish.
Texas Staff Writer

A plate of barbecue. Right: A person preparing a barbecue dish.

There's no food a Texan is more defensive about than delicious barbecue, and one Texas city has proven to have the greatest in the entire country.

San Antonio, TX was named the "best BBQ city in the United States" out of 50 metros based on 2022 data that showed the town is full of affordable BBQ eateries and quality meats like brisket, a study done by real estate website Clever revealed.

The Alamo City topped the charts over iconic BBQ mainstays like Nashville, TN (No. 4), Kansas City, MO (No. 10), and also beat out other Lone Star State cities that are generally more synonymous with the cuisine, like Dallas, TX (No. 12).

The state capital, Austin, TX, earned the second spot due to the sheer amount of eateries the city has.

Study experts combed through a ton of information, including Yelp reviews, the number of barbecue restaurants per capita, Google search trends, and regional prices for BBQ meats, to find the underdog Texas city to be the best in nearly every category.

You won't have trouble finding a top-rated eatery when visiting SATX, though, as there's a BBQ spot every 4.6 miles.

You'll also find plenty of BBQ-themed events happening around San Antonio this year that you can attend, like four different cook-off competitions. That's more than any other city, too, the study found.

We told you Texans are pretty dang serious about their meat!

Do you agree that San Antonio is a better BBQ city than Austin?

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Brittany Cristiano
Texas Staff Writer
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