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You Can Order A Boozy Treat From San Antonio's New Margarita Trucks

It's the adult version of an ice cream truck.

While the Texas weather gets hotter and hotter, locals are looking for a way to have fun without having to head outdoors. In the great Lone Star State, there's nothing better during the summer than sipping on a delicious, ice-cold margarita and now, there's a new way for San Antonians to get their hands on one. La Gloria in San Antonio is delivering margaritas to resident's doors starting today in their new colorful margarita trucks.

La Gloria just shared in a press release that they will be delivering their famous margaritas to San Antonio residents' doors starting today, and their first Margarita Trucks will deliver within a three-mile radius of Crockett Park.

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A ‘Tea Playground’ Just Opened In San Antonio & You Can Try Up To 500 Flavor Combos

That's the tea.

If there's one thing Texans love to drink, especially during the summer, it's tea. Whether it's sweet, unsweet, or flavored, the larger the cup it comes in, the better. HTeaO just opened in San Antonio after already having numerous locations across the Lone Star State, but this new addition to SATX will have Texans flocking to the doors to get their hands on some delicious tea. 

Last Friday, May 22, 2020, HTeaO opened its first San Antonio location, and, according to their website, there are many more near SATX that are on their way.

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You Can Get The Wildest Hot Cheetos Creations From This San Antonio Taco Spot

Flamin' hot.

Chips are a great in-between meals snack and for us Texans, the spicier they are, the better. That's why if it was possible to have Hot Cheetos not just in-between meals, but with every meal, we would! Turns out, a San Antonio Tex-Mex restaurant specializes in adding Hot Cheetos to just about everything on their menu and it makes for absolutely delicious results. 

Big Poppas Tacos in San Antonio is a Tex-Mex food truck with a mouthwatering, Hot Cheetos-infused menu.

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You Can Sip On Summer Year-Round At This Colorful Spot In San Antonio

They're the perfect summer treat!

Nothing pairs better with summertime than a tasty, refreshing treat. The "refreshing" part sits especially well with Texans considering how hot it can get in the state this time of year, and for many months to come. A dessert spot in San Antonio that sells shaved ice, fruit cups, and much more is the place you need to check out if you're craving something sweet, sour, cold, or all of the above!

Aloha Shaved Ice is a small shop in San Antonio that sells a variety of desserts and snacks.

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You Can Order A ‘Fiesta Survival Kit' From This San Antonio Restaurant Right Now

This is everything.

Each year Texans look forward to the month that Fiesta arrives in San Antonio and brings with it food, festivities, and much more. This year, however, Fiesta was postponed to November and, as a result, Texans are left with emptier bellies than usual this April. A Fiesta loving San Antonio restaurant has decided to come to the rescue and sell "Fiesta Survival Kits" to bring the celebration to your home and help us forget that we still have several more months until the festivities truly begin.

Mi Tierra in San Antonio currently has a Fiesta Survival Kit type, their No. 1, for sale for $75. The kit includes a massive amount of food, all of which will make your mouths water.

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San Antonio Is Having A Deep-Fried Drive-Thru Fiesta This Weekend

Micheladas, margs and more!

One of the biggest citywide tragedies that occurred this spring was the postponement of San Antonio's biggest beloved festivals. While the city is currently undergoing shutdowns of big events, restaurants, and social gatherings, residents are dreaming of the taste of chicken on a stick and elote. There's no need to feel down because you can experience a drive-thru San Antonio Fiesta this weekend to get your foodie fix.

This Saturday, April 18, 2020, San Antonians are invited by the locally loved restaurant Mi Familia de Mi Tierra to head on over and grab some of the most iconic Fiesta dishes in drive-thru fashion.

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