You'll Feel Like You're In An Indoor Jungle At This Asian-Fusion Restaurant In Miami

"Dragon" Maki, dumplings, and sushi — oh my!

It's no secret that the Sunshine State's eats scene is bursting with flavor. From succulent southern cookin' that'll warm your soul to a veritable melting pot of ethnic flair, you're sure to find something to satisfy every type of foodie in your friend group here. If you're a fan of Asian food, Miami restaurant Komodo definitely deserves a spot on your bites bucket list.

You'll find Komodo on the corner of Brickell Ave and Carlos Arboleya Boulevard next to a parking garage. While the white-clad exterior may feel pretty unassuming, just wait until you find your way inside.

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These Alcoholic Popsicles In Miami Will Get You Tipsy AF

The ultimate field day throw back!💦

Popsicles may bring back fond memories of fun, hot field days frolicking outside with your classmates. After fishing around in the cooler for your favorite flavor, you’d snip off the top and relish in the cool, sweet treat. As an adult, you can still enjoy this classic treat, but with a mature twist. This Miami company sells alcoholic popsicles in Florida that will get you totally lit for the perfect field day throwback.

It’s no secret that Florida is hot, and there’s no better way to cool off than by treating yourself to a refreshing snack, especially one with a nice kick to it.

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You Can Get Freaky Fry Creations At This Spot In Miami

You've never seen fries like these! 🍟

Florida's food scene has a little something for everyone. Miami in particular has drool-worthy dishes that bring innovative twists to favorite classics. One Miami restaurant, Cracked Eatery, serves up creative pizza fries and other out-of-this-world fry creations.

Cracked Eatery by Chef Adrianne has taken the city's unique culinary scene by storm with her incredible french fry creations.

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This Mouthwatering Miami Restaurant Serves Up A Mountain Of Fries

A pile of delicious goodness 🍟

Florida's food scene is full of tradition, culture, and all-around deliciousness. This Miami restaurant, Rio Cristal, serves up tasty Cuban fare, including a colossal serving of fries over a juicy steak. You can share with friends or keep it to yourself, this massive dish will fill you with carby goodness.

For decades, this traditional Cuban restaurant in Miami has been infamous for its steak and fries. The fries covering the juicy steak goes for only $13.50.

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6 Wild Food & Drink Creations In Miami That'll Take Your Tastebuds On An Adventure

Where will your taste buds take you first?👅

Are you on the hunt to find the best food creations in South Florida? If yes, you'll be pleased to know there are tons of options to choose from. There are many Miami restaurants serving up dishes that'll take your tastebuds on an adventure.

And not to worry if you have diet or budget restrictions, there is something on this list for almost anyone. From fun and fancy drinks to wildly topped bowls of fruit, and of course, the sweetest desserts and more, there are a variety of options to choose from. 

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There's A Floating BBQ Joint In South Florida & You Can Jet Ski There

This is what Sweet (Baby Ray's) dreams are made of. 🍔

South Florida has beautiful blue waters and amazing restaurants, and you can experience them all at once. There's a Fort Lauderdale restaurant that actually floats called The Sand Bar Floating BBQ where you can enjoy tasty barbeque while you relax on the waves. It's a total summer bucket list item that will end the season on a high note. 

When you're craving something hearty for lunch but don't want to miss out on the sunshine, The Sand Bar gives you the best of both worlds. Throw on your new bathing suit and bring your appetite to this unusual restaurant on the water

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