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There's nothing better than a gooey, cheesy slice of pizza after hanging out near the beach's waves on a hot Florida day, and this pizzeria is making sure you get more than enough to fill you up.

They have slices bigger than two feet long, so you better show up with an empty stomach!

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It's a popular American tradition to go to your nearest McDonald's or Burger King and get a beloved juicy Big Mac or Whopper, but when it comes down to it, how do you decide which establishment is going to nourish you the most?

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Canada's beloved fast food café has expanded to the U.S. and Florida is finally going to see what Tim Hortons is all about. The Consulate General of Canada in Miami posted to Facebook that they're coming to the Sunshine State.

The City of Hollywood's mayor Josh Levy reposted the social media upload and captioned it, "I know many people will be excited to hear that Tim Hortons is coming to S. Florida," with a Canadian flag emoji.

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Seven months after Bad Bunny opened up a restaurant called Gekkō Miami with Florida entrepreneur David Grutman, the establishment has racked up some reviews — and the verdict is not five stars. The biggest complaint? Rude front-of-house staff.

On Google, the Japanese steakhouse has an average rating of 3.5 stars, and in recent weeks, it's gained some divided feedback.

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A restaurant in one South Florida city was ranked No. 3 on Yelp's Top 100 U.S. Restaurants list, so I had to go in for a taste. It's a hidden gem you wouldn't even know is there until you see the line out the door in the mornings.

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