A US TikToker Shared A McDonald's Ice Cream Hack & Here's How You Can Find Working Machines

You'll never have to worry about the machines being down again.

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A TikToker sharing McDonald's secrets. Right: A McDonald's ice cream.

A TikToker sharing McDonald's secrets. Right: A McDonald's ice cream.

One of the biggest stereotypes about McDonald's is that their ice cream machines are always down, and when you want a creamy cone or a delicious McFlurry, it's quite irritating when the stereotype is proven true.

However, one U.S. TikToker, Jordan Howlett (jordan_the_stallion8), is giving away all of the fast food chain's juicy secrets, such as how to catch staff members in a lie and reap the rewards.

On March 6, Howlett posted a video saying that he hadn't told anyone yet about a website that reveals which McDonald's has a working ice cream machine and which ones don't.

"If you go to the McDonald's and claim they have a working ice cream machine, and they tell you that it's broken, you can tell them that it's false advertisement and then you can also get a free ice cream," he said.


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The Tiktoker never revealed what the website is, but Narcity figured it out.

It's called McBroken and it shows you a map of the entire world with McDonald's locations. You can zoom in on specific ones and it will tell you with red, green, or grey dots if it's not working, working or inconclusive, respectively. It even shows how long ago the status was updated.

The website's creator, Rashiq Zahid, is an infrastructure engineer who has found a way to reverse engineer McDonald's software system, where he places an ice cream order every minute at every location.

Review Geek reported that as McDonald's ice cream machines stop working, they are marked "unavailable" on the mobile app, so by Zahid placing these orders online, he keeps track of what locations won't add a cone to the shopping cart.

The website was made back in 2020, but Howlett recorded his video this week, and so many people jumped in his comment section.

"Ex-McDonald's worker here, this one is actually true, he's said a couple 'off' ones before but this one actually is 100% true," a former employee wrote.

Others were excited about the news and replying how they should protect Howlett at all costs and that he's a "national treasure."

The creator shares many more hacks on his TikTok account, as well, and he said he started a group In college called "fast food secrets."

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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