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Ottawa’s New Giant Watermelon Froyo Bowls Are A Tasty Way To Beat The Heat

It is bigger than your head! 🍉

When the temperature outside is scorching hot, there is no tastier way to cool down than ice cream. So, the next time you are craving froyo in Ottawa, you should treat yourself to these giant watermelon bowls.

Forget about sitting in front of the air conditioner. Instead, you can cool off with Insta Bolz's new supersized watermelon dessert.

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I Tried Ottawa's New Pizza Delivery Club & This Is My Honest Opinion

Is it better than Delissio? 🍕

Ottawa has a new delivery club called General Assembly Pizza that brings frozen stacks of pizza to your home.

With pies starting at $9, they are much more expensive than other frozen alternatives like Delissio. So is it worth your money?

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You Can Get Giant Beach Bucket Cocktails In Ottawa Because Adulting Is Overrated

Two taste like candy! 🍹

Sure, you're an adult who does grown-up things, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun. So the next time you want to visit a patio, why not try one of these giant beach bucket cocktails in Ottawa?

At Flapjack's Canadian Diner, they take the toy you used as a kid to make sandcastles and fill it up with tasty boozy beverages.

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7 Ottawa Patios With Cocktails Larger Than Your Head

The bigger, the better! 🍹

Some of these drinks are so massive you'll need a friend to help you finish it. If you are searching for Ottawa patios to visit this summer, you'll want to check out these locations with cocktails larger than your head.

From sangria towers to boozy buckets, there is no shortage of tasty options you'll want to try. So it is time to message your BFF and decide which spot you'll visit first.

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These Massive Sangria Towers Are One Of Ottawa’s Best Kept Secrets

It has over 10 glasses of sangria. 🍹

It's time to get your sip on, as these colossal sangria towers in Ottawa are perfect for sharing with your drinking buddies.

They make your average boozy pitcher look tiny, as the 88-ounce container has enough for over 10 cups.

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9 Ottawa Food Clubs That Will Deliver Delicious Treats To Your Door Every Month

A popular pizza club is coming this June! 🤤

Do you feel like you're always hungry, and there's nothing good to eat in your kitchen? If so, these food subscription boxes will deliver all your favourite treats to your home in Ottawa.

There is a delicious assortment of options to pick from, like freshly baked bread, butter tarts, and even limited-edition cereal. Plus, both GA Pizza Club and Crafty Ramen arrive this month on June 21, so mark your calendar.

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