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This Pink House In Savannah Is Actually An Eatery & It's A Perfect Place For A Girl's Date

What's better than mimosas at a pink restaurant with your bestie? 🌸🥂

Finding the most adorable and affordable places to eat in your city might be on the weekend agenda when you and your friends want a dinner date night. Sometimes, you may find that you want to go all out and really dress up while treating yourself to a fancier meal. There's one restaurant in Savannah that's all pink, a little fancy, and the perfect spot for a girl's night out.

The Olde Pink House is located in Downtown Savannah on Abercorn Street, specializing in Southern cuisine. This establishment wasn't always a restaurant though, it was once James Habersham Jr.'s mansion.

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You Can Get Chocolate Dipped Bananas That Look Like Little Cowboys At This Savannah Spot

Can y'all say yee-haw? 🤠 🍌

Georgia is filled with all kinds of creative spots and unique eateries that you're not likely to find anywhere else. One of these places includes Starland Strange and Bazaar in Savannah, and it'll blow your mind when you walk in. Not only is it a vintage clothing and accessories shop, but it doubles as a sweet treats stop, too.

Starland Strange is located in the Starland District of Savannah. The area is known for being inviting with technicolor shops and a huge shipping container food truck yard that's practically an adult playground.

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You Can Go On A Boozy Brunch Cruise On Savannah's Retro Riverboat

Get some good southern cookin' while you get your sip on! 🍗🍹

Savannah is often known for being the most haunted city in Georgia, its amazingly fresh seafood, and for drinking your way through River Street. Whatever your niche is, this city can probably scratch that itch. You can even go on this booze cruise in Savannah to live out your old southern dreams, learn about the history of the city, and chow down on some delicious grub.

Taking a Savannah River Boat dining cruise on the famous Georgia Queen is one of the best experiences to try at least once in this haunted city. The website says that their Sunday Brunch Cruise is the most popular tour. 

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6 Wild Food & Drink Creations In Savannah That'll Take Your Tastebuds On An Adventure

S'mores wings, massive drinks, and pancake tacos please! 🤤🍹

When traveling to new places, the number one thing many may look forward to is the new foods they'll be able to sink their teeth into. Whether it be a change in cultural cuisine, or a little something other than your average chain restaurants, there's always something new to try wherever you're visiting. And there are a few restaurants in Savannah, Georgia that'll take your tastebuds on a journey you may never have thought possible.

Ahhh, Savannah — one of those magnificent places that's not only a beautiful city with lots to see and do, but also a veritable smorgasbord of unique restaurants, bars, and lesser-known hole-in-the-wall type eateries waiting for you to uncover them.

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This Hidden Tiki Bar In Savannah Will Transport You To Hawaii

Get a taste of the tropics without ever leaving Georgia! 🗿🏝️

Visiting a tropical island is one thing that may be on many a person's bucket list. Traveling might not be ideal at the moment though — not to mention it's not cheap and can take a while to save for a trip to those sandy shores, after all. If you want a taste of those tropical vibes right now without the price tag for a trip abroad, you can head to this hidden tiki bar in Savannah that'll make you feel like you've been transported right to Hawaii.

The Bamboo Room Tiki Bar is a hidden gem right in the heart of Downtown Savannah, Georgia. You'll find it sitting above the famous oyster bar, Sorry Charlie's.

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This Map Will Take You To 6 Of Georgia's Most Stunning Waterfront Eateries

Fill up your tank and get going!

Georgia has so many beautiful islands and beaches that serve as relaxing hotspots for both locals and visitors alike. But if you want more than just sandy shores to explore, taking a foodie-friendly road trip to the waterfront restaurants on Georgia's coast is a must. From Savannah to Jekyll Island, you'll dine on fresh seafood and mouthwatering bar bites all while soaking up those stunning water views.

These eateries all have something different to offer whether it be the views, food, or amazing and creative cocktails. One thing they all have in common, some succulent seafood options that are about as fresh as you can get.

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