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Eat and Drink

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The robots are coming — and now they're in the form of pizza.

The new unstaffed pizza truck PizzaForno serves pies 24/7 from a nondescript gas station parking lot in the Atlanta neighborhood of Buckhead.

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This Opinion article is part of a Narcity Media series. The views expressed are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media.

There's a new chicken restaurant chain in town that's drawing some buzz. So, like any good chicken sandwich-loving citizen, I took myself to lunch one afternoon to check out what all the chatter was about.

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It seems that French culture is having a moment thanks to the popular Netflix series Emily in Paris — a show that chronicles the misadventures of a young American woman who relocates to Paris to work as a social media strategist for a luxury marketing agency.

Through Emily, viewers experience the French ideals of beauty, fashion, romance, and cuisine.

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For many, the New Year's resolutions made back in January have already started to wane, including the traditional alcohol break.

But for those wishing to extend their Dry January tradition into the months to come, there's a new bespoke bar in Atlanta, GA, that welcomes patrons who want to be social and sip a mocktail.

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McDonald's may be a popular, trusted spot to satisfy your burger cravings, but there are so many wildly delicious eateries in Atlanta that can't be missed.

One popular spot, NFA Burger, which stands for "not fooling around," is located in Dunwoody, GA, and it isn't exactly your conventional burger joint; it’s actually hidden inside a Chevron gas station.

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