This Dreamy Edmonton Café Serves Fluffy 'Cloud Lattes' With Cotton Candy On Top

Treat yourself! ☁️☕️

If you're in the mood for a coffee with an adorable twist, Brew and Bloom Edmonton has got just the thing. 

The dreamy cafe is nestled within a floral and retail shop so you better believe the entire aesthetic is on point. 

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7 Places In Edmonton With All-You-Can Eat Menus For Anyone Who's Hungry & Broke

Put on your finest elastic-waist pants!

Is there anything better in life than all-you-can-eat menus? We don't think so. Whether you're hungry, broke, or just straight-up allergic to cooking, these menus will save the day. Thankfully, there are a number of Edmonton restaurants with all-you-can-eat menus, so you can fill up on food without freaking out about the bill. 

Editor's Choice: 2 Little Foxes Snuck Onto A Trampoline In Saskatchewan & Bounced Their Hearts Out (VIDEO)

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10 Foods You Can Get For Under $10 In Edmonton Right Now

These cheap eats never fail. 😋

If your bank account has been looking a little empty lately, you're not the only one. But just because it's tight doesn't mean you have to compromise on incredible food. There are foods in Edmonton under $10 and you need to try them all. 

Edmonton's food scene is quite underrated if you ask us. The city is filled with amazing restaurants, all of which serve some of the most unique dishes from a variety of cuisines. 

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Sip Tea Among The Flowers At This Hidden Garden Centre Cafe In Edmonton

Brb, posting up here for all of autumn. 🌼

Are you always on the hunt for the cutest cafes in the city? Luckily, there's an Edmonton coffee shop hidden inside one of its most beloved garden centres. Zocalo Edmonton is the place to go if you're in the mood to sip some tea whilst surrounded by flowers. 

The garden centre is located in the city's Little Italy neighbourhood. There are honestly so many Italian markets and restaurants on the same block that you'll ask yourself whether you've been transported to Rome. 

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12 Places In Edmonton To Get Pumpkin Spice Lattes That Aren’t Starbucks

So cute, so cozy! 🍂☕️

Nothing captures the spirit of fall more than the pumpkin spice latte. This beverage has been the go-to drink for autumn lovers for a while now. Though, they're not always easy to track down if you don't feel like going to Starbucks. That's why we've done a bit of digging and found you the cutest cafes that offer pumpkin spice lattes in Edmonton

If you want to support local, independent coffee shops in Edmonton, you've come to the right place.

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You Can Get The Cutest Picnic After-Hours At The Enchanting Edmonton Botanic Garden

Cheese and flowers = romance. 🥰

Just because it's fall doesn't mean picnic season is over. In fact, it can be more special than ever before, thanks to the University Of Alberta. The U of A Botanic Garden has revealed the details of their "Twilight Picnic Experience" and it sounds like the most enchanting date plan ever. 

The experience is intended for those who love watching stunning Alberta sunsets in a dreamy garden setting. 

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