Chick-Fil-A Is Coming To Alberta & Here's What We Know So Far About Its Launch

Chicken sandwiches are on their way!

Chick-Fil-A. Right: A Chick-Fil-A sandwich.

Chick-Fil-A. Right: A Chick-Fil-A sandwich.

Chicken sandwich lovers, listen up! Chick-Fil-A has announced it plans to open way more stores in Canada and they're heading to Alberta.

The huge U.S. fast-food chain, famous for its chicken sandwiches, announced it will be opening a lot more locations in Canada over the next three years.

Atlanta-based Chick-Fil-A said it will be increasing from six Canadian locations to 20 by 2025, but it also plans to open "seven to ten restaurants" a year in Canada after.

When is Chick-Fil-A coming to Alberta?

Albertans will be happy to hear that Chick-Fil-A is coming to Alberta. The company hasn't announced when its first Alberta location is likely to open, only that it will be "in the coming years" so there might be a bit of a wait for those chicken sandwiches.

Does Chick-Fil-A exist in Canada?

Chick-Fil-A has been around in Canada since 2019 now but so far, all of its stores are in the Greater Toronto Area.

There are six branches in Windsor, Kitchener, Toronto, Concord, Scarborough and North York but it will be opening more spots in Ontario pretty soon.

Chick-Fil-A has new locations under construction in Vaughan and Barrie coming soon as well as future locations at Toronto Eaton Centre, Square One, and Shops at Don Mills.

It will also be expanding into Ottawa.

Is Chick-Fil-A coming to Calgary?

Despite the exciting news that Chick-Fil-A is coming to Alberta very soon, the restaurant hasn't said where its first location in Alberta will be opening just yet.

However, according to a CBC report, Edmonton has historically been one of the preferred locations for U.S. chains.

Edmonton has was recently home to Canada's first California Pizza Kitchen which opened in August 2022.

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