You Couldn't Pay Me To Go Drake's Favorite Miami Restaurants & Here's How Expensive They Are

...because you'll probably need the money for your own dinner. 💵

​Drake at Kiki On The River in Miami. Right: Drake at Carbone's in Miami with Jordan "Wolf of Wallstreet" Belfort.
Florida Associate Editor

Drake at Kiki On The River in Miami. Right: Drake at Carbone's in Miami with Jordan "Wolf of Wallstreet" Belfort.

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Drake appears to be a huge fan of South Florida and he's always lingering around the hottest Miami restaurants. You might even hear some of their names in his song lyrics, like Kiki On The River (on Future's "WAIT FOR U" single).

Of course, your curiosity is piqued when you think of rap royalty eating at public places within your reach. Some of these places are so exclusive that tables need to be reserved months in advance.

As an avid consumer of pop culture, I considered putting in a reservation, until I glanced over the right-most column on the menu. Needless to say, my jaw nearly dropped and my wallet trembled.

It was then that I realized I'd rather fight with Drake at Cheesecake Factory than see a savings-draining bill in the little black booklet.

Kiki On The River

I sought help from Yelp's database and immediately had a sour taste seeing the extra dollar signs under Kiki On The River's details. Not even three, but four.

The ladies from MTV's Siesta Key were recently spotted there and so was Kendall Jenner, who even went behind the bar.

Drake was here in June as he partied with his fans. There's even a drink named after one of his lyrics, "KIKI Do You Love Me".


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The cuisine is Greek and we found photos from people who've been there. Make of it whatever you can.

Cocktails range from a modest $18-28. Appetizers vary. You can spend $8 for a shrimp or a scallop... just one, or get a plate from $16-24. Entrées are the real kicker: they run as high as $56, and that's not including "market prices" for their fish.


Another eatery popular among celebrities, Carbone is an Italian-style venue that boasts four stars from Yelp's 331 reviewers. It's difficult to find a table. Their website says they only become available 30 days in advance.*

Drake was here with Jordan "Wolf Of Wallstreet" Belfort in September 2021.

Cocktails are $18 and wine by the glass starts at $16. Appetizers range from $21-32. Dinners can be as expensive as $95. Again, that doesn't include market prices.

Prime One Twelve

This three-and-a-half-star-rated steakhouse is known for its top-quality beef cuts. Drake was seen walking out of the mouthwatering restaurant on June 18, 2022.

In order to reserve a table, you must make a phone call, as there is no online app. The price tags on this might surprise you.


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Their appetizers range from $23-35. Their potatoes and sides, or "accessories", are $15. Their steaks start at $53 and run up to $195.

I typically spend money on cocktails to apps and an entrée so my bill isn't going to be $40 at any of these places if I want a nice meal with a drink.

Now, I know Drake has a pretty large bank balance and I'm sure these restaurants are absolutely worth every dime spent. However, I just can't wrap my head around spending nearly $100-200 per person, unless I budgeted for an upscale date night.

Though, if Drake decides to take care of my bill someday... we might have to circle back!

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Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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